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GameSpot Reviews Mass Effect - 8.5

An excellent story and fun battles make this a universe worth exploring. All told, Mass Effect is a great game with moments of brilliance and a number of small but significant obstacles that hold it back from reaching its true potential. But in the end, if you like RPG's and want to spend some time in an absorbing sci-world populated with a bunch of unique inhabitants, you'll definitely have plenty of fun with this one. (Mass Effect, Xbox 360)
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jack who  +   2928d ago
MADGameR  +   2928d ago
There you have it! Mass Eff X lo!!
Devil May Cry 3SE got a higher rating than this game. I'd rather play that than ME. You guys should'nt be crying about the rating because its all about the game! Ratings are just opinions from the reviewers. It has somewhat truth but non theless, an opinion.
Bubble Buddy  +   2928d ago
Sorry gamespot, i still hate you >.0
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wil4hire  +   2928d ago
The actual review is here:

Danja  +   2928d ago
iceice123  +   2928d ago
They had to rate it lower.
To make Sony lemmings happy after that R&C truth made them cry. Oh well, drop in the bucket compared to all the 9+s the game gets :)

Funny Danja, most other reviews say the exact opposite. And seeing as you're a lemming you've not touched the game. Also I have a question, what's it like waiting b3yond?
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gamesblow  +   2928d ago
You just contradicted yourself, Slap ass. R&CFTOD got 9's out it's ass and it got a 7.5 from gamespot. your reasoning is garbage, like your system of choice.
Danja  +   2928d ago
sure dude..the game isn't THE EPIC GREATNESS you xbots were hoping it would be..oh well..I guess M$ forgot to send them there pay check plus the new Zune..!!
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toughNAME  +   2928d ago
Mass Effect - 93%

R&C:Tools of Destruction - 89% http://www.gamerankings.com...

stupid, stupid fanboys
AznSniper  +   2928d ago
Can't it just be that GameSpot sucks @$$?
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Kaneda  +   2928d ago
RFOM got a better rating than Mass FX

Wii60_FTW  +   2928d ago
get owned, fanboys.
toughNAME  +   2928d ago
12 hours, 6 minutes till i have this bad boy in my hands :D:D
gamesblow  +   2928d ago
Mass Effect - 17 reviews in
R&CFTOD - 54 reviews in

you do the math, SNORK. Wha are you retarded?
toughNAME  +   2928d ago
refer to my comment below
gamesblow  +   2928d ago
Refer to your comment below? Oh, you mean the one where you act like a sniveling 2 year old snot nosed toddler and ask people to take my "bubbles" away? That one? The one where you show how immature and feeble minded you are you S**T SPOON? Yeah, I seen it... It don't change the fact you're a complete Crooner and a string of ANAL BEADS ,though. I've been banned from every site on the net... I'm a smash hit success, you can't mess with Gamesblow's name or moniker, Jackson.
toughNAME  +   2928d ago

oh hey look..no more bubbles:P
Greysturm  +   2928d ago
It looks like another mixed reviews..
For this one, if the trend continues and we see more 8s and 6s (hopefully not) we will have to wait till next year for a better rpg than oblivion. My money is on ff13 and white knight.
lawman1108  +   2928d ago
And my money is on your a Sony fan boy
a 6? wtf did you see a 6 for this game? lets check the sales in a week or so and see if ME has outsold R&C by a few hundred thousand.
Greysturm  +   2928d ago
I know you are a fanboy and cant help it but since you asked...
PCreviews Mass Effect 60%

The only other contender for a great rpg is fallout 3 but for some reason i dont expect it to be too good. If you called me a fanboy because i thought 2 exclusive rpgs for the ps3 could be the only ones to break the oblivion record then prove me wrong and tell me which rpgs for the 360 can do it?
HarryEtTubMan  +   2928d ago
They gave Uncharted a 8...they are trying to show themsleves as non biased . Man what a in depth Huge galaxy. A 12-maybe 10 hour RPG. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL FFLLLOOOPPPPP!
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Zhuk  +   2928d ago
A reasonable review from Gamespot who are known to mark harder than other game sites, though I think this game is worth at least a 9. 8.5 though is still a great score, regardless and proves Mass Effect is universally acclaimed.

Not every review is going to be 9+, which this game has received and deserved a lot of. Unlike the Sony fanboys on this site and over the internet who cry and complain like children and throw a tantrum when some sites dont give PS3 games universal acclaim, Xbox 360 owners are far more mature and there won't be such nonsense from them.

Mass Effect is an incredible game and I recommend everyone to buy it, it certainly is the best RPG experience this year. Only available on Xbox 360, Mass Effect is set to become the hit RPG these holidays.
wil4hire  +   2928d ago
why dont you read the gamespot forums to see how many 360 fans are getting their accoutns banned for cursing and swearing at gamespot.

They are locking threads and killing forum accounts as we speak

ME just got owned.

allforcalisto  +   2928d ago
hey zhuk
I don't know if you know that much about gamespot. but Mass effect getting 8.5 is pretty heavy indeed. That's underneath Assassin's cred.

the fact that they slap on the same pleasant rhetoric about the game yet give it 8.5 is kinda telling. GS had covered this game more than anyone else i think. they had all those exclusive dev entries etc..

it seems like the game is great, but a lot of reviewers have marked it up so they don't look stupid for hyping it as the messiah of all gaming. GS seems to have gone against this.
in the 1up. podcast before the show a one of the editors wasn't that buzzed about it anymore, he said something along the lines of "yeah...my GOTY...it isn't mass effect anymore. then they started talking about overhyped games, but dodged ME" and then in the 1up show you can see another guy who was previously hyped as hell for the game a lot more sedate about it.

check my history if you want i said ages ago a logical score for this game was 8.5
mesh1  +   2928d ago
guys hahaha guy haha read the review mass effect is goty best rpg this year cry ,more hahah so many +_9 reviews and 10/10 just check meta critic and cry gamepsoy is a fps site
PS3PCFTW  +   2928d ago
Universally acclaimed? yOU NEED a University education.
the wii HAS worldwide acclaim. there is no such thing as universal acclaim.

the 360 has usa acclaim thats why overseas it blows.

Please educate yourself before making a fool of yourself with such ridiculous comments.
socsca  +   2928d ago
That wasn't a very clever remark dude. I recommend YOU try to get into college after you finish high school, I think you'd really benefit from it.
wil4hire  +   2928d ago

Total flop.



Uncharted is an amazing technical success, and a great game. AS EVERY SINGLE REVIEW HAS STATED.

It doesn't have loading times of 3 minutes and bad glitching througout the entire game

this is next gen gaming on the 360? LOL....


"Uncharted is the best looking console game out" - Gametrailers.

This is just a sample Xbot, a storm is coming. its pretty much a wrap for the 360, it cant even RUN Mass Effect.

God, stop self owning yourself. Read all of the ME reviews, then come back to me about how it isn't plagued with technical issues and bland gameplay.

Until then

Play Beyond.


You would stop there.. Because its what every single reviewer said that reviewed the game.

Sorry your 360 cant keep up, it might RROD.

Read any review :) Then come back here.

Facts hurt :(

Play Beyond again..
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iceice123  +   2928d ago
Total flop
lol. PS3 just got owned lulz.

LOL OMG "Uncharted is an amazing technical success"
I stopped there, thanks for the laugh man!

Read any review. Oh okay lets take a look at game informer shall we?


"One of the greatest science fiction stories ever told, a new bench mark for video game story telling."

"Every second of gameplay offers the visual quality you have come to expect from final fantasy cutscenes."

"One of the most memorable and unique sound tracks in gaming."

"funcional and fun but something always seems to be amiss with AI and blancing."

"An expansive quest, 18-30 hours that toys with your emotions and keeps you engaged." replay value HIGH.

So that was "any" review lemming facts hurt eh? :)

Wil, your console is dead, you just got owned. I suggest you jump in.
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lawman1108  +   2928d ago
If this game were on the 360 it would have sold a million copys by now but because its on the Waitstation it will BOMB. Another Turd in Sony's toilet.
myxomatosis  +   2928d ago
you have no idea how dumb you guys sound when you put play beyond or jump in, do you. you better work for sony or microsoft, it would be a shame to sound that stupid with out getting paid.
Myth  +   2928d ago
They Gameinformer also says

"Most of the skirmishes, which begin and end in the blink of an eye, run into balancing issues, problematic SI, and a difficulty in comprehending what is traspiring"

"Out of the corner of you eye, you may see one of your teammates blindly firing at a wall two feet in front of him. Or perhaps a foe, who you didn’t even know existed, drains your shields from a location off your radar."

"The deep character and weapon customization can create some lethal and amusing blends, but after a few hours, you'll have seen it all."

"It doesn't live up to the large stage the story sets or the standards you've come to expect from action games and RPGs."

I'll buy it cause storyline and graphics is what I like, but I can not believe they scored it a 9.75 on just those factors. I am not making this up; if you don't believe me pick up a copy of Gameinformer #175.
gamesblow  +   2928d ago
See, I have an advantage obviously many of you don't have right now, I suppose. I've played Uncharted and beat it... It's not an 8. It's a 10. I've played Mass Effect... It's a great game. I like it alot, but I'd never buy it. I'd never beat it or get enough out of it. It's an 8.5 game. "buahahaha" I love actually being able to know this ahead of time for myself.
iceice123  +   2928d ago
Yeah we know
Like how you said Alan Wake was the cancelled 1st party M$ game...and it isn't even 1st party LOL. Give up, nobody buys into your bullsh!t.
toughNAME  +   2928d ago
im surprised you still have 5 bubbles

come on guys look at some of his comments..help me out

EDIT- down to 4? lol good start
lawman1108  +   2928d ago
The fact you have more then 1 bubble ......................
Shows how much a Phony Sony fan boy site this is. If you ever posted a bad thing about the PS3 you would have some cred. You have zero.
Skerj  +   2928d ago
LMAO you obviously don't ever see his posts then as he's posted negative stuff about Sony tons of times, and ON the official Sony blogs. I know this because I'm there as well. But back on topic, now everyone sees what happened with Ratchet happened with ME, but I'm picking it up anyway.
DJ  +   2928d ago
Toughname obviously can't handle opinions.
Same with Icewake. I've seen Gamesblow get enough flack for criticizing the PS3 when it needs to, but then having guys like you get your panties in a bunch just because a 360 title didn't live up to the hype seems very unnecessary.
pwnmaster3000  +   2928d ago
why u guys keep bashing on ps3 games wen it has nothing to do with ps3 games
allforcalisto  +   2928d ago
because 07 is nearly dead
it's been a lot easier to kick the ps3 while its been on the floor right now.
sony made it easy with that hefty price tag, denying a lot of devs the devs kits in time/plus making the kits expensive.

however 08 is just round the corner. with it comes mgs4, gran turismo, little big planet, ffxiii, killzone, heavy rain, white knight story, team ico goodness, getaway, eight days, war devil

beyond that, god of war, resistance 2, jak and daxter and a rockstar games exclusive plus LA. NOIRE

i understand exactly why certain 360 gamers feel anxious and are constantly flaming...07 is the last year they'll have any opportunity to get away with the inane comments; "Lair flops hardz....and you think ff13 is AAA lolz...mgs4 will flop like lair"
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hotshot1237  +   2928d ago
@tough name. ok dumbass. im about to own you RIGHT NOW


Jandre02  +   2928d ago
Lets boycott Gamespot.
God damnit. Mass Effect 8.5
Uncharted 8.

They are totally screwing the review averages, lol.

Honestly though, should all gaming sites be following this trend? Too many games are getting 9's and above nowawdays. Thats supposed to be a once or twice a year thing.

Its time for a damn review guide or something. Game review scores are pointless nowadays.
Danja  +   2928d ago
PS3 owers already stopped going to Gamespot since that R&C review..

So I guess 8.5 is not AAA..hmm..haha...aint Karma F*%king b!tch..!!
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I_killed_TheMart  +   2928d ago
LOLLL...Wheree THE hell is theMart??????????? so i can rub this AA in his face....everyone if u see him ...give him a negitive, so he can have a 1 bubble!! :D ( btw i dont even think gamespot cares what console is what. If the game doesn't satisfy their needs it's not AAA...plus as much as i hated them, their the real site that knows what AAA means. I take their reviews for my purchase... i dono but u guys
Ignorant Fanboy  +   2928d ago
You have a wierd obsession with Mart
He has all his bubbles, you only have one.
akaFullMetal  +   2928d ago
8.5 is not bad, all games it seems will get one low score, just not their fancy
TheFamilyGuy  +   2928d ago
GameSpot has given COD4 a 9.0, BioShock a 9.0, Ratchet and Clank a 7.5, Uncharted an 8.0, Zelda: Twilight Princess 8.9 and now Mas Effect an 8.5. By GameSpot's standards, it is a pretty good score and Mass Effect is a pretty excellent game.
iceice123  +   2928d ago
hThey gave Halo 3
A 9.5. There is something wrong with their reviews. That games an 8-9.
Shaka2K6  +   2928d ago
Hahahaha 8.5 LMAO here comes the xbois tears.
Great but not triple a. hahahahahaha.

now to be fair this is gamestop, even though massive flop looks like crap im sure its a better game then mario galaxy.
so gamestop reviews dont mean anything.
poeo  +   2928d ago
Dude, it's GAMESPOT, not Gamestop. That's the chainstore.
eyeh  +   2928d ago
This is further proof that these reviews are pointless. Everyone should stop comparing games by their combined scores. Instead we should like the type of games we like and rate games by their flaws, not a score.
Everyone that has a ps3 thinks ratchet is above 7.5, and everyone that has a 360 thinks mass effect is above a 8.5.
Those who haven't played EITHER GAME should stop bashing.
In fact, everyone should stop bashing. There's NOTHING to gain from it.
BaMYouRDeaD  +   2928d ago
Mass Effect - 8.5
Ratchet - 7.5
Uncharted - 8

What's next, MGS4 gets a 5.5? Come on people, take Gamespot's reviews with a grain of salt and stop giving them attention.
snoop_dizzle  +   2928d ago
8.5 is a flop? Wow...where have i been for the past... i dunno... 10 years? I guess i will find out how if like it tomorrow. If it was hyped like halo 3 however i could see what you are saying then, but it hasn't.

But anyways I'm over it, you guys continue fighting i guess.
ill be enjoying ps3 games and 360 games.. oh boy don't i have it bad :p

of course ill still be on n4g this week , but less frequently. and i wont really debate at all or comment much, just contribute from time to time.
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Kleptic  +   2928d ago
haha yeah...I pick this game up in about an hour or so...can't wait...

I don't really see what the big deal is with an 8.5...there have been several 8's already...and this isn't like Uncharted, where it gets dumped on for "tough and plentiful enemies"...which is such a poor write up its frustrating...

if ME has as many glitches, and runs as poorly as some reviews are saying...it deserves an 8.5 or even worse...the "bad" reviews are like IGN giving a 7 minute video review...with nearly 5 minutes worth of negative comments (ranging from broken AI and controls to a near unacceptable framerate during any action sequences)...only to turn around and give it a 9.4...because of replay value?...he even says in the review "these technical problems are not minor, and do effect the overall experience"...what?...how does that justify a near perfect score then?

I am excited for the game still...but if everything most reviews are saying is true, an 8.5 should be on the high side...plenty of games have had a general buzz of being broken with less problems than this...
IGNFTW  +   2928d ago

jackdoe  +   2928d ago
Lol. Now PS3 and 360 fanboys get to join in hating on Gamespot.
BLACKJACK VII  +   2928d ago
Hatin' on Gamespot
Here here... ME (8.5) deserves better & so does R&C (7.5) & possibly Uncharted too (8.0)... & they gave AC a 9.0 ?!?!?!?

Gamespot is clueless, but Destructoid absolutely sux.

I've been looking forward to Mass Effect for 2 years & no reviewer will take that away. I loved KOTOR & I will adore Mass Effect.

Bonsai1214  +   2928d ago
i want to take a quick poll. how many of you have actually reached puberty? seriously.

since when did an 8.5 mean a bad game? you know, i played games before 2000, (games did exist back then) a 5 was average, an 8 meant it was a great game, 9 meant, stellar, and 10's were hardly given out.

i won't play this game because i don't have a 360, but any galaxy wide game can't be a bad thing... see: eve online (though i know its not the same thing)
Gamerz4life  +   2928d ago
You xbox fangirls are the most hypocritical bunch of gamers. When R&C got a 7.5 from lamespot, you jump on it like the game was a piece of crap or something, but when Mass effect get an 8.5 from them while other website gives it 9s or higher you say its no big deal. Oh wait i thought any game that isn't a 9 or higher from every website isn't worth your fangirls' time. Jackasses.
Shaka2K6  +   2928d ago
Lol. Now PS3 and 360 fanboys get to join in hating on Gamespot.
Dont you see xbois and wiitards hiding behind each other consoles everyday.

gamestop reviews are jokes its a fact.
crank  +   2928d ago















crank  +   2928d ago
(bong hit in progress)
crank  +   2928d ago
You disagree with my bong hit?

eh, thanks
myxomatosis  +   2928d ago
DRUgs R bAd
FF7numba1  +   2928d ago
xbox owners crying
lol the lemmings are crying at GS. GS is trying to change and stop being biased. ME deserves 8.5.
IntelligentAj  +   2928d ago
Since I haven't played the game I wouldn't know what to give it but I would've thought it would have gotten higher than an 8.5. Then again let's remember that this is PERSONAL OPINION!!! Games have been getting really high reviews for some time now and it's good that the scores have come down from being astronomical. Still think it would've been higher though..
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