NPD Fallout: Did Ratchet Actually Sell Just Fine?

The Ratchet & Clank series has never been about breaking sales records as it has been about being a consistent seller. And while Tools of Destruction's inability to break out in October is noteworthy, it ultimately says more about the PS3 as a platform. Simply told, if there were more PS3s, more people would've bought Ratchet. Them's the breaks, Clank.

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gamesblow4044d ago

R&C is sitting at over 200,000 in sales right now world wide. The actual release date for this game in October was the 30th, they cannot count 2 days of sales and call it a month. It's absurd. More over, if you check the ales data of previous R&C games all have sold a million +, yet... only sold 120,000 in each of their 1st months outtings. R&C sold 200,000 in it's 1st "actual" month out... more, cause it hasn't been out a month yet. they did this on a considerably less installbase than the ps2. R&CFTDO will sell a million copies... no question.

gtgcoolkid4044d ago

i think that as more ps3 are sold, the more of this game will be sold. one of the best.

gamesblow4044d ago

Also, of mention... R&C is a pack in deal "i believe" in the U.K. and Austraila... Those aren't counted up, either. We don't know how much it's sold outside of the American NPD and simexchange charts, which lsit is at over 200,000 right now. The numbers for other regions haven't come in. Keep in mind, it just got released last week in Japan and U.K.

lilwingman4044d ago

Whether it sells a million copies or ten million doesn't matter to me. I own the game, and it is phenomenal. As far as I'm concerned, that's good enough.

Funky Town_TX4044d ago

best comment all day. Some people want a trophy not a good game. Some of my favorite games either got low scores or bad sales.

joydestroy4044d ago

i love your avatar! hahaha

DrPirate4044d ago

Ratchet was released at the end of the last week of October. Honestly, this is just stupid. I would say 75k sales in 4 days is not terribly horrible.

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The story is too old to be commented.