What Makes Gamers Want?

Destructoid: "Gamers today have come to expect certain things from the game industry and the games they play. These standards and preconceived notions have changed which games people choose to buy, as well as if and when they buy them. Thing is, these standards often go past the point of reason; they are visceral emotional reactions. With reason taken out of the equation, these standards and expectations aren't always to the benefit of gamers. How many people bought the recently released Resident Evil 4 HD just because reading the abbreviation "HD" immediately made them want to buy a game, even though they already own what is essentially the exact same experience in three other formats? How many of us passed on the excellent online Wii title Monster Hunter Tri because we heard the words "online" and "Wii" in the same sentence and immediately felt the urge to run?

In short, we feel like we know what we want, but sometimes our feelings are wrong about how we can get it. Worse, sometimes we start whining and picking sides before logical thought even enters the equation.

So how did we get here? How is it that five years ago, most gamers would be happy to pay $50 for an eight- to 12-hour-long offline game like Devil May Cry 3, but now a similar title like El Shaddai gets the "this shouldn't be full price, it should have been on PSN/XBLA for $15" treatment? Gamers have been trained to expect more for less. We've been spoiled by free demos, piracy, used games, $0.99 apps, and many other aspects of modern gaming. The fact that some of us a freaking out over the fact that you'll have to actually buy Uncharted 3 new to play the game's free online multi-player just goes to show how much free content we've come to expect from our hobby."

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