Collector's Editions, Limited Editions, and Special Editions, oh my!

...Actually this console generation has seen more collector's editions than the previous two combined. Almost every major game release this holiday is partnered with a collector's edition counterpart. But what do fans look for in a collector's edition? And more importantly, what do publishers deem special enough to sell to fans?

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WhiteLightning2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Shame the Uncharted 3 Collectors Edition statue didn't look as good as the Gears of War 3 Epic Edition statue. I was really expecting to get Drakes Journal in the Limited Edition then getting that and Sir Francis Drakes diary in the CE. NaughtyDog should have an online store by now selling these things, it would be nice replicas to have. If they did a super uber edition for Uncharted 3 I would of liked to see a spanish coin from Drakes Fortune, The little black box of resisn from Among theives, the map of Arabia from Uncharted 3 with Drakes/Sullys notes on it, a high quality statue with Drake, Elena and Sully in a shoot out, Drakes journal and Sir Francis Drake that would of been a true Uncharted CE

The thing I hate seing the most in CE, even things which people always moan on about is Making Of DVD's....basicaly people whinning on for something which should already be on the disc like ND do with Uncharted's like people give no thought on what they're actually asking. People never realise they go on about wanting something which should be free, same goes for OST which will be on Youtube in like a week. That's the thing about Skyrims CE, I would of rather had something else then the Making of DVD like maybe the two Elder Scrolls Novels.

Bay2419d ago

For me, collector's edition = game, art book, replica of important item/character from game, extra content, extra special packaging, making of/behind the scenes dvds, sound track.

Limited editions = everything above, except replica.

Whether the items are worth it or not is up to the person who buys it, however I think those that are not going to buy the CE/LE of a game anyway shouldn't complain. Those kinda things are for people who either know they're gonna love the game and are willing to dish out more cash for more goodies, collectors and people who love the series.

If a game came out ONLY with a higher priced CE/LE, then that becomes an issue.

CaptainMarvelQ82419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

I personally find that not just limited editions,but normal pre order "editions" a RIP OFF in this generation.Where CE's usually come with statue's and extra PHYSICAL content,im ok with it.But today were are seeing IN GAME content made as "bonus content" packed within the game that is then released as DLC for others TO BUY(those that bought a normal edition).

What does this mean? It means that developers are making an incomplete game and then making you buy it from a certain store in order to get that particular bonus content (Batman arkham city skins,anyone?) AND the problem is that everyone is buying into it(no pun intended)without complaining.
I mean COME ON,this is just like when devs don't put a 100% work into their products and release additional characters as DLC (Capcom).But why is everybody ok with?
This is why I prefer recent generations when developers knew that this is the final product,they won't be able to add anything to it after it's release therefore they do EVERYTHING they can,and you had this complete game deserving of all that money bought for.

CrescentFang2419d ago

Anyone like Working Design's Collector's Editions? I wish I could steal my cousin's Lunar games haha

Relientk772419d ago

The Lunar games on PlayStation has amazing collectors editions

This generation honestly most of the collector's editions are just not worth it.

I am getting the Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword Gold Wiimote bundle, basically you get a Wiimote for $20 so that is a good deal.

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