BioWare: Dragon Age 2 fan reaction 'caught us off-guard'

BioWare has admitted that a mixed reaction to Dragon Age 2 from the series core fans caught the firm "off-guard" - despite being pleased with the size of new audience the game accrued.

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gravemaker2504d ago

Like they didn't knew they making generic shit with only few locations

NewMonday2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

They expected fans to be mindless sheep? and be happy with an unfinished game with recycled maps and restricted gameplay?

If this was a game for the casual masses than they may get away with it, but RPG gamers tend to be picky. Let this be a lesson learned.

Jacks_Medulla2503d ago

According to this article( ), the lesson has yet to be learned.

RememberThe3572503d ago

@Jacks: Thats not really fare. BioWare is trying to implement fast-paced combat into the RPG formula. They have made the mistake (in both ME2 and DA2) of thinking that people are going to be fine with watered down RPG elements and more engaging combat. I think they are still trying to find that formula that combines the RPG and action genres.

DE2's biggest problem, from my perspective was that the game world was so small and, like many have said, the game felt unfinished. I think of it as being watered down, deluded, or whitewashed.

Origins was not that great of a game, it was just bigger. If DE2 had a bigger scope I think it would have been seen in a better light. But the game ends when you think your half way through and that leaves a sower taste in your mouth.

JaredH2503d ago

The best thing about the game was going through the same underground dungeon throughout the whole game. Sometimes you'd start at one end and another the other end and other times half the map would be cut off. Obviously that is so revolutionary compared to having a new map for every dungeon area.

egidem2503d ago

Well at least they recognize this. When it comes to RPGs, no other company refuses to listen like Square Enix. They on the other hand don't give a damn about the fanbase. We request something, they give us something else.

It's like telling a person "Hand me my wallet over there" and they come back with a toilet seat.

SilentNegotiator2502d ago

They tried to make it more fast paced, but only succeeded in making the combat annoying.

That's what you get for treating fans like they'll just accept any mainstream-ing that you do to your game.

Anon19742502d ago

I think the criticism is founded, but overblown. I'm quite a few hours into DA2 now, and I love it. Not as much as I love DAO - but this is still a solid, rpg experience. People just refuse to let the game stand on it's own merits. It's a good game. Not a great game, but still a good game - and pretty much every professional review out there backs me up on this.

Dragon Age was in development for years and you just can't do that - you need to turn around games quicker than that in order for them to be viable - so from a business standpoint I understand why Bioware churned out DA2 so fast once they had the template established.

As for watering down RPG elements in the game, get used to it. I sat down with a ex-Bioware manager who will go unnamed for a 2 hour chat off the record. He confirmed what we've already seen, and what has been rumored. Bioware has shifted their strategy away from traditional rpg's and rpg elements and instead wish to offer more cinematic, action centered titles. I don't know if this shift will pay off for them, but a company should evolve and change, not put out the same games over and over again. Personally, I like the old rpg elements and depth. Part of the reason I loved DAO was that it reminded me a bit of the old Baldur's Gate games. Something about the feeling of the game, the spirit that went into it.

This is missing from DA2, but I still think DA2 is worth checking out for RPG fans looking for another dungeon crawl. Again, it's not a great game, it's simply good, and not what DAO was. I feel the hate directed towards DA2 is completely overblown. Play and decide for yourself. Don't take the word of a few malcontents.

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Micro_Sony2503d ago

Thank god I only paid $15 for this piece of sh!t game and not $60.

It was like Bioware went all Call of Duty with DA 2.

Finger-Eater2503d ago

WTF? Where the hell did you get it for $15? I've always loved the demo of it, but I wasn't willing to pay more then $40. Where did you buy it from?

Iroquois_Pliskin2503d ago


probably bought it used

Micro_Sony2503d ago

Bought it used at my local pawn shop.

I get all my games for 15-25 dollars.

I just bought Home Front, Vanquish, Bayonetta, Grand Tourismo 5, Fable 3, Dead Space 2 and Bullet Storm for like $150.

zeal0us2504d ago

I think it was the other way around for some people.
Give us DA:Origins, which was amazing. Then hit us with I don't know what(DA2). Sure DA2 wasn't all that bad but it wasn't all that good for some people.

REALgamer2503d ago


DA:O involved adventuring across the continent, lots of different locations, dungeons, towns and environmental variety (elvish forest, city, dwarven mines and city, mage tower, etc).

DA2 just cut back the scale to a single, not-that-interesting city and yet still insisted upon recycling the same caves and interiors over and over.

It's the reverse of what sequels should be - increasing scale and variety.

Considering DA2 was released less than 2 years after DA:O (not to mention Awakening) whereas we were hearing about DA:O almost 4 years before its release, it is likely attributed to the tight development time. The question is: why? Did EA's purchase of Bioware restrict their dev time? Did Bioware themselves reduce their ambition and scope?

Christopher2503d ago

Anyone who was "caught off guard" needs to be fired and replaced with people who understand player expectations when going from a very successful new IP into a sequel of the IP.

Kamikaze1352503d ago

If they were caught off guard that makes me worry about how Dragon Age 3 will turn out.

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