Spider-Man: Edge of Time [Review]

On the heels of the relative success of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Spider-Man: Edge of Time promises us a dark and deeper story, plus overall improvements over the previous game. How did the whole game play out?

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sarshelyam2478d ago

I played through this in one's incredibly short and not without its problems. I couldn't justify a purchase @ $60, so I went with Redbox and I haven't regretted the decisions.

Thing is, I'm usually jazzed for Spider-Man games and this one really looked to be Beenox's attempt to change the formula. They did a bit with the story, really ensuring that was the primary focus, but the combat system hasn't changed, nor has it's simply the same as it was in Shattered Dimension, something of a button masher.

Again, the fidelity is there. It's a beautiful looking Superhero game when compared to the likes of other licensed superhero titles out there, the CG cutscenes are wonderful!

Sadly, I'm not going to be adding this to my library until it's sub $20, or more likely $15 or lower. Rental at best as it stands.

chanmasta2478d ago

It irritates me when the platform that was used to review the game isn't put in the title, and it's just tagged as all platforms.

I doubt the 3DS version is the same as PS3, or the Wii, or the 360, etc.