Resident Evil Interview Excerpts

VelocityGamer writes:
"The credibility of the Resident Evil series has taken a towelling in a recent years from a combination of a move towards action, a seeming lack of direction for the series and the increasingly awful live action films. A lot of criticism has been levelled at the most recently announced console entry, Operation Raccoon City, thanks to it being turned into a co-operative shooter being helmed by Slant Six Games. The other upcoming entry, Revelations, is heading to the 3DS and seems to return to the roots of the series, though this entry is usually glossed over by those intent on hating on the series." Check out these interview excerpts for a better idea on the future of the series.

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Criminal2503d ago

This is really interesting, "Okay, we want to make a shooter, not a survival horror game."... This time we definitely wanted to make a shooter."

As long as they let us walk and fire at the same time.