Kinect Hacked for Bigger Boobs

Kinect hacks provide an endless rabbit hole of would-be tech wizards using the peripheral for a rainbow of results. Some of them are amazing, such as this Kinect-controlled drone. Some of them are silly, such as this.

This is a multiplayer-supported Kinect hack that gives both women and men "giant breasts" that they can shake about and even even playfully jiggle.

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gamingdroid2353d ago

This is the killer Kinect app in Japan! :D

No seriously....

egidem2353d ago

Well this was fun to watch..until the 0:55 mark when that guy just grew boobs out of nowhere.

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NewVegasTroop2353d ago

this is going to get hot!!! literally !!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.