GamesRadar: Crysis review

We ducked down, hiding inside a building being riddled with bullets. Taking the stealthiest path through the shanty town might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but once we were spotted it was only a matter of seconds before dozens of enemies had us surrounded. We hit the right shoulder button and turned on Active Camo, which let us sneak to the second floor of the building undetected. There, we saw a machinegun turret on an adjacent building. Switching to Active Armor, we ran toward the end of the rooftop and leapt off the side, deflecting bullets and landing without a scratch. We punched a hole in the wall of the building using our strength boost, activated our speed boost, and darted up the stairs. Once on the top floor we picked up a Korean soldier by his throat and threw him off the rooftop, then jump on and fired at enemies, turning the tide of battle in only a matter of seconds. And suddenly we were reminded why we loved Crysis so much when it released in 2007.

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Candy12543d ago

I craved the Crysis visuals on pc but as a pad gamer, the console versions bring simplicity to controls compared to the awkward pc's controller scheme.