GI's Good, Bad, Ugly IP's.

New intellectual properties are a dangerous business. A lot of time and work could lead to massive success and assured future prospects in the world of video games. Alternatively, it could lead to catastrophic failure and a scramble to make up for lost time.

New IPs aren’t necessarily rare. They are almost as common as a game with a two or a three after the title; we’re just overly aware of sequels and games based on existing franchises because they are the easiest to promote. During this era of video games, we have see a lot of new IPs succeed and become some of our favorite franchises, while others have spelled disaster for their developers. Here are the ones that have succeeded (I believe rightfully so), the ones that should have (It saddens me that they didn't), and the ones the failed .

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Panzerkanzler2474d ago

Haze is, to date, the worst game I've ever played. So full with bugs, not bad but very average graphics, retarded story and an AI which was so poor I wondered if the game even had one. And the constant, retarded and utterly repetetive, combat shouts; "WE FIGHT FOR MERINO" or whatever the guys name was...they shout this ALL THE TIME.

josephayal2474d ago

Why Haze? Is a great AAA Exclusive

ECM0NEY2474d ago

I dont know why Haze had so much hype. It was made by the same people who made Timesplitters and I have never played a good Timesplitters game.