Why Super Mario Bros. 3 Is Unbeatable

As a child, perhaps no game taught me the meaning of hatred more than Super Mario Bros. 3 for the original NES. At the time, it seemed like an absurd challenge compared to Super Mario Bros. 1 and SMB2. Regardless, I dutifully plowed through map after map -- figuring out where the Warp Whistles were, which power-ups I could hoard, and the best way to skip that nightmarish water world.

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Shackdaddy8362355d ago

It still is hard for me...

_DarkCharizard_2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Its hard, but one of the most satisfying video games ever on completion.

Marceles2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

The only levels hard to me are the ones that force you to go with the game's pace. But overall it's not really much harder than the others.

I'll absolutely never forget when I got this game. My mom put it in a clothes box to make me think all she got was clothes, and then there was that yellow box of awesomeness.

Dac2u2354d ago

For a 6 year old, I would think it's an insanely hard game to finish. I was 10 when it first came to the US and I had a hard time with World 8, I was able to finish it, but it was still hard. I had to stock up on P-Wings before using the warping to world 8, just so I'd have a chance on some of the harder levels.

I love the last line though: "(Sadly, the next game sitting on my cabinet was Battletoads.)" I had Nintendo Power and a complete guide to Battletoads and I still couldn't finish the game. I could get to Terra Tubes with ease most of the time, but was only able to beat that level once or twice.

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Tainted Gene2355d ago

I still remember how hard this game was for me and my brothers back in the day (93'). We were so excited getting the NES/Mario 3 bundle and played the Vs. mode for hours. Than we eventally got around to playing the main quest and it was 5 years later until I even got a tiny bit of a look at what the final world looked like....

(the spotlight for those who don't know)

SactoGamer2355d ago

I fail to see how this game is as hard as the author says it is. I can't tell you how many times I've beaten it since I was a little kid.

gorebago2355d ago

i beat this game like a million times growing up. i fail to see how it's unbeatable.

eagle212354d ago

Me too. I can admit to not beating it untill 2003. But since then, i've beaten it plenty of times. The game remains fun regardless.

InTheLab2354d ago

I'm pretty sure the author was making a joke. If he's ever played a Megaman game on the NES, there's no way he'd say SMB3 was hard. Warp wistles, P Wings, and Clouds...

Kyle12122354d ago

or battletoads! i had that game as a kid, couldn't get passed level 3. and it didnt matter how many hours i put in i could never get passed the fucking racing part ahaha.

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