Halo…Haven’t We Met Before?

The second edition of The Slim Opinion – a roundtable discussion on hot gaming topics. This week, our staff writers wonder if a fourth Halo would be welcome, muse over the Wii U and try to figure out why one side of their socks always goes missing.

Well, maybe nobody can answer that last one.

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wwm0nkey2506d ago

Here is the thing about Halo, it has a very vast Universe and a story that is always expanding. Fans want to explore more of the universe so a new Trilogy is fine.

New Halo games will only be bad when we see something like Halo Kart

qwertyz2506d ago

a new triology is good as long as the games remain good. look at assasins creed we get a new one every year and each one is always mind-blowing so nobody really minds infact most of us welcome it.

its only games like COD that have been the EXACT same game since COD 4 that need to stop there have been no improvements and its the same exact story.

TopDudeMan2506d ago

Halo. Hello. I see what they did there.