Kmart lining up launch deals for Forza 4 and Batman: Arkham City

XMNR: Kmart is home of the gaming coupon for consumers looking for good launch day deals on games and the retailer announced on Friday what deals it has in-store over the next couple of weeks for five upcoming games including Forza Motorsport 4 and Batman: Arkham City.

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showtimefolks2476d ago

and so many games batman might have to wait till 2012. It does not make sense to buy it at launch only to play in 2012 when i can buy it in 2012 for 30 bucks

with so many triple A titles already scheduled for early 2012 like Mass Effect 2,xcom,bioshock,darkness 2 etc, a lot of the games being release now will be under 30 by than

but who knows maybe i will get it at launch. Hopefully the single player is actually 20 plus hrs long not like what ID said that Rage would be 20 plus hrs only to be 10-12hrs long single player

here is hoping for great games and some time to play the great games and also extra money to buy them

UltimateIdiot9112476d ago

I know how you feel. I've bought more games than I can keep up with right now.

=/ I'm juggling between Ico/Sotc, Catherine, UC3 Subway Multiplayer, and Uncharted Duel Pack. Not only that but work takes up most of my free time and the other friends.

Then I have Ace Combat being shipped to me on Tuesday. 2 weeks later, I have Uncharted 3, and then MGSHD Collection.

I was sooooo close to getting Batman AC but all the DLC/preorder bonus just makes it so hard to choose and the backlog is huge, so I will wait for a GOTY Edition.

dirthurts2476d ago

You think that's bad? I'm still trying to finish up Shift 2!!! I'm so far behind...

showtimefolks2476d ago

But don't worry just be like me for rest of 2012. Only uncharted 3 and mgs hd collection. Everything else has to wait. I am so glad that twisted metal and mass effect 3 got delayed into 2012. Imagine those games also coming in 2011? I would love to get saints row 3 at launch since I am a huge open world fan but I want to see how long the story is and what kind of improvements they have made to side missions.

Ratchet all 4 one
Dues ex
Body count
Little big planet 2
Infamous 2(bought it at launch will buy again when it's cheaper)
Saints row 3
Batman 2
Driver San fransisco
Dead island

Like you said too many games too little time, so we all have to pick and choose what is a day one buy and what is a wait for at least 30 bucks off the price at least for me that's the way it is

These are my games I will get in 2012 or when there is a huge sale

TheDivine2476d ago

I just got rage and dark souls at kmart because i got two 20 dollar coupons for buying them there. I was going to wait on rage but for 40 il bite. Good thing too, rage is awesome. Kmart has stepped up lately with new releases getting great discounts. Gotta force myself to turn off dark souls and get some sleep for work 2mro morning.

BlmThug2476d ago

Im juggling between three games now. Recently bought Alan Wake and after playing two chapters i put it on the sideline for later. Now i recently bought and now playing Just cause 2 and that will be put on the sideline for Forza 4