Handheld Heroes Reviews - Rage

Kimerex from Handheld Heroes writes:

"I know its a little late but I felt like Bethesda and id deserved, at the very least, a thorough look at their latest game to hit the market during these early stages of all the major releases this year. A game I was semi-prepared to write off as,"just another shooter trying to be an RPG." I don't feel many games in this blend-genre have pulled this concept off perfectly, and rage isn't exactly a shining example of how to do this properly. That is not to say Rage is crap or anything. There is a very fine line that a FPS walks when attempting to become a full blown RPG. The back and forth of what could be fun and what won't work, I feel, could be a taxing thing for any company seeking to undertake this challenge. I feel that id put forward a really great effort. I just wish they had put more time into expanding the content that the world of Rage had to offer."

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