PS3 4.0 Features and Enhancements Players Want To See

Here's a detailed list of features and possible changes for the upcoming PS3 Firmware 4.0 update requested by gamers alike.

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magnumfinger2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

lets just hope Sony will keep an eye on this..

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2505d ago

A PS store redesign would also be great.

CynicalVision2504d ago

The store was redesigned, it's fine the way it is now. It just needs improving (like being able to write short reviews for games/videos).

demetre722504d ago

HUH redesign how many times seriously ?

EmperorDalek2504d ago

The store needs to publish on-line stats to show how many people are still playing and in what region(s). Consumers need such info to ensure they are not buying multiplayer centric PSN titles if there are too few people still playing.

crxss2504d ago

the only thing i would want for the ps interface (since apparently sony says cross game chat is not possible without 512MB ram) is if it was faster, i hate sending a message while i'm gaming just to have the XMB take its sweet time.

mandf2504d ago

I would like the ability to delete multiple game saves at once. That is my biggest gripe about the PS3.

lykaice2504d ago

can't agree more. its UI design needs to be more fluid or more sleek.

AngryTypingGuy2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I would LOVE cross game chat, but don't think it's gonna happen. I know that some PS3 fanboys like to play it off like it's a trivial feature, but it is nice to be able to talk to a friend even if you're playing different games, and it's nice to have in order for you and a friend to decide what game to play together.

The ability to have a party of friends would be great too, but hey, one step at a time.

WhittO2504d ago

Another day another FW article about features we will never get on ps3....

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FACTUAL evidence2504d ago

I pretty much gave up on hoping for features. If a feature did come though I want a PSN ID change feature, and I'll just wait on ps4 for anything else...

Dark_king2504d ago

Yea this is one feature that should be already up Japanese PSN has had it since the beginning.

Stay-Toasty2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I just wish that I could organize my PSN games list. I have a ton of games and all the shitty ones are at the top for some reason, I hate that they are in the order I downloaded them in, I really wish I could change it. I would also really like to change my PSN id. I would even pay for that.

MazzingerZ2504d ago

Hit Triangle on the the desire game and edit the 'information' field with the desired folder name, then change the sorting to organize games per folder and that will do it, I have folders such as 'Favourites', 'OnHold' (when waiting for a patch), 'PlayingNow', 'ShouldPlayMore', 'CoOp' and so on

It has been there since launch, at least since it launched in PAL territories

I don't get this kind of article...just speculation, what's the point? people puts so much energy on it...the only right channel to wish for things is via PS Blog in that case...but ok.


vlodia2505d ago

XMB redesign and voice chat sounds nice...

egidem2505d ago

Especially if it's a trimmed down in game XMB that is faster would be useful. Comparing trophies during a game shouldn't really be a hassle as it is.

XMB>(loading)>Select Friend>Compare Trophies>(Synching)>Sele ct a game>Select an individual trophy.

We are already at a deep level of menus right there - exiting all the menus with a single push of a button should be possible. I shouldn't have to go through every step backwards until I reach the XMB!

Washington-Capitals2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

this is what i want, when in game, i just want to access the friends list panel and the inbox (messages) folder. THATS IT. If sony can take the rest out and optimize the speed of bringing the XMB up faster when someone clicks the home button in game, id be a happy camper.

I mean almost everything else except for blutooth (accessories) requires you to quit the game to access, so why even have the option to scroll to it?

jennyspinners2504d ago

sadly, it appears other reports suggest Sony can't allow crossgame chats?

dangert122505d ago

Another one of these articles so soon?

videoxgamexfanboy2505d ago

i dont see why ppl keep making these articles, sony RARELY puts the updates we want. Ppl will just be let down once again

dantesparda2505d ago

You know! That and the fact that we barely get any new features and enhancement any more

DragonKnight2505d ago

The two of you are spewing fanboy B.S.

Yeah, let's forget all the hard work Sony has put into improving PSN, Playstation store, adding features all up to this point in time. They've done nothing but sit on their thumbs this whole gen and have given us absolutely nothing. Right? /s

Let's also forget that if Sony offered every single damn feature that every whiny a$$ person asked for, there would still be people like you b*tching that ______ feature hasn't been added and then go on to say that Sony doesn't give us anything.

Let's also forget that there are things like patents, and memory hurdles, and costs involved in adding or implementing features. No, those don't exist at all and Sony is just refusing to give people what they want. /s

There is no such thing as this website...

It's just a broken link.

Frickin' fanboys.

LOGICWINS2505d ago

^^So people who want new features/enhancements for PSN that can improve our PSN experience are "fanboys"?

Washington-Capitals2504d ago

It pretty much goes like this, when people ask for a feature or complain, they will get shunned down by the elitists (fanboys).

when sony finally decides to offer that feature or address a complaint, those same elitists, will come to the comments section and say something like "wow, sony is an amazing company, its great how they support their system and products. All companies should strive to be like that"

DragonKnight2504d ago

@LOGICWINS: Nope. People who make posts claiming Sony doesn't do anything for us and not add features, completely ignoring everything they've already done, are fanboys.

@Washington-Capitals: Way to generalize. The problem is the mundane, repetitive, droning-type whining that goes on without a full consideration of what goes into implementation and if it's even feasible. Instead, we get to hear how Sony "doesn't care about its fans" and that they "never give us what we want." But hey, you want to make an erroneous post, you go right ahead.

dantesparda2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Thank You Logicwins and Washington-Capitals for having some sense

I think that its pretty funny how he's calling us fanboys when he's obviously the fanboy, but oh well you cant reason with fanboys.

But I would love it if Sony would bring out some new features already. It seems like forever since the last time they gave us something good from an update (ever since all the hacking began). And there are alot of things that still need to be done/fixed.

For example, why dont we have voice messaging yet? (Let me not even get into cross game chat) or why cant we go straight into the trophy that just unlocked by simply pressing the PS button while its still onscreen? And how bought fixing the browser? it crashes all the time, and is slow and rather useless when you cant even use it on alot of websites. My smartphone has a much better browser than this. And why do we still have to install things we download when you dont have to on the 360? And how about the ability to select the resolution before entering a game (Let me hold down a button before entering the game or something to select the res). And the list goes on and on. None of these things are really hard, yet Sony makes them look like they are impossible. Like the cross game chat for example, why come out and say that there is not enough RAM for it when they could have just shrunk the OS down even further and fit it in? Stupid!

But anyways, let me stop before all the fanboys really do think that im just some Sony hater and kill me. I just want my PS3 to be better!

@ Dragon: You need to look in the mirror, youre the fanboy. I never said they havent done anything for us, Im just saying there is still more to do

Oner2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Using DragonKnights link ( )I found out that 82 submitted ideas have been implemented or are "In Action". That seems far from the "RARELY" or "barely" comments he was specifically addressing (people REALLY need to work on their reading comprehension).

DragonKnights comment is far from "fanboyish" and is quite valid/factual because it is backed up with undeniable proof. Whereas the comments the "people" he was addressing said was just sheer opinion, and NOT fact...sorry but I have to agree with DragonKnight on this one ~ Give me facts, supported substance & proof over opinion, bias, misinformation and conjecture any day.

+Agree and +WellSaid to DK & yesmynameissumo below

Cosmo8112504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

@DragonKnight the issue is that Sony have not ADDED a new feature in months. They've added cloud saves and auto-updating and that's it.

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yesmynameissumo2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

auto trophy syncing
PS2 games
Cloud saves
Team Ico collection
Automatic game updates
New avatars
Brazil PSN
KB at E3

Just a few of the ignored suggestions from PlayStation users that magically made it into firmware and/or services and shows. Rarely? Haha, thanks for the laugh.

Quagmire2504d ago

I'm so pissed at how cloud saves and auto updates are for PSN+ users. Its bullshit, should be for EVERYONE.

yesmynameissumo2504d ago

I think it's fine to be a "premium" feature. Cloud saves more than auto updating, I mean, cloud has to be paid for somehow. They've given me enough free features (not that I wouldn't take more), but PS+ has turned out to be pretty damn good for $50 a year. You should get it.

fucadastates2504d ago

@ Quagmire. yes it should be for everyone.. just like playing online should be free for all

demetre722504d ago

Pretty much my words also bro

kaozgamer2504d ago

haha exactly! after the updates i bet there will be heaps of articles on about how everyone was dissappointed with the update.

jennyspinners2504d ago

when something lacks, I guess the demand for it to be improved goes higher...

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Apotheosize2505d ago

I dont know..if something could be added it would have been already. I wont be holding my breath