Editorial: Should Critics Ditch The 10-Point Review Scale?

The accepted format for video game reviews has always been the 10-point scale. But it's outdated and maybe even problematic, so is it time to change?

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imoutofthecontest2504d ago

I guess so. The problem is that they say it's a 10-point scale, but they really use 6-10. 6=So-so, 7=Average, 8=good, 9=Great, 10=Top tier. But 1-5 are pretty much the same, with no difference in quality.

Readers don't look at mathematical proportion, they look at the distance from the top, so out-of-ten and percentage scales doom themselves to readers' high expectations as well. Even for games they haven't played, readers will call for your head if you give a highly anticipated game anything below an 8/10.

Look at RPGFan's PS3 page as one example:
Almost two-thirds of those review scores are ABOVE 80% (or 8/10). So if you took a random sampling of PS3 RPGs, apparently ones that score BELOW 8/10 would be the MINORITY. That's just silly.

Hicken2504d ago

I once got into it with someone who gave a game a 3/5, but claimed the game was great. I converted the scale to ten and said that a 6/10 is only average, not great, and got slammed for bashing his opinion.

The problem isn't the scale itself, but that since ANYONE can write a review, the value of the scale has changed. That, and since it's become apparent that some reviews cannot be taken seriously in any case, the scale has become nearly meaningless.