BootHammer: Crysis Review - Optimized Console Port

Console gamers can now rejoice because the single-player campaign has been remastered for Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network with optimized Nanosuit controls, fine-tuned combat and full stereoscopic 3D support. Using Crytek’s state-of-the-art CryEngine 3, this remake features all new lighting, effects and other visual optimizations.

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vlodia2541d ago

Playing Crysis 1 on consoles three years ago was a dream. And I must say, the feeling is still the same today.

BootHammer2541d ago

It'a great port and overall fantastic game ;)

Autodidactdystopia2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I figured it out.

How they made it run was they removed Specular highlighting completely in everything in the environment but water.

seriously look thats it they totally removed specular highlighting.

Laxman2162541d ago

You played Crysis 1 on consoles 3 years ago did you?

rattlesnake252541d ago

good blog.....look forward to tryin this one out

BootHammer2541d ago

Thanks and if you haven't played it before, now you on both consoles and at a great price! You will really enjoy this one.

TrendyGamers2541d ago

Can't wait to play it... Next year! Too many games this year!!!

BootHammer2541d ago

I know right! The busy gaming season has definitely begun ;)

Shadowaste2541d ago

.....or play it in a WAY higher resolution with better anti aliasing, better performance, way better controls and draw distance with a $75 graphics card in a mid range desktop!

The console version should really only be considered a last resort if you just don't own a pc from the last 4 years (i.e. you have a beige or you just hate computers even though a console is just a computer with a really bad case!

vickers5002541d ago

"way better controls"

That's a completely subjective matter.

jbiz3302541d ago

orrr.. how bout you go and fck off. this has nothing to do with PC's. If people were dying to play this game on a PC they wouldve done so 3 year ago. there ARE some people that prefer consoles you know.

MysticStrummer2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

.....or you could go comment on a PC game. Is that really so hard for PC gamers to do? It sure seems that way from the way they troll console articles.

BootHammer2541d ago

It looks great, plays great and is available for a fair price. If you haven't played this one, it's absolutely worth the admission.

Even on a midrange PC, i'd bet the difference isn't huge. And this is a $19.99 purchase...come on, lol.

Laxman2162541d ago

Dude, grow up. I'll buy this on my Xbox because I dont like to play PC games. I dont like using a keyboard and mouse for FPS games. I dont like sitting on my office chair while I play games. I dont like playing games on the small size of my computer monitor. I dont like having disc space taken up on the machine I work on from the PC games install. I dont like having to make sure my machine is going to be able to run the game before I buy it.I dont like PC gaming in general.

If you prefer it, fine, that's your choice and your gain if you can run good games and find it comfortable, im happy for you. But I dont, and a lot of other people done either, so grow up and accept not evertone feels the same way as you do.

Shadowaste2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )


it's kool....all of your arguments are flawed though....

95% of modern games support a controller, if you are smart enough to connect an xbox to a tv, you can do the same with a pc (hdmi), hard drives on pc's are super cheap and are measured in terabytes now,

and any pc with dual core or better cpu, 4gb ram and a $75 video card will smash ps3/360 quality.

But, hey, it is your choice, you could just say you love microsoft and sony and feel like you would be betraying the console gods or something. Every reason you gave is untrue, since a pc can be played EXACTLY like a console, just with way better graphics, cheaper games, mods and way more control options.

My pc is connected to a 5.1 sound system and a 55" samsung led. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse for many games, but games like darksiders (got it for $5 on steam), resident evil 5 and such I play with an xbox360 wireless controller.

Laxman2162541d ago


Dude, I know I can plug my PC into my TV.

Thing is, I wasnt making any 'arguments', so nothing I said was 'flawed'. I was simply stating, I do not LIKE doing those things. I never said there was a problem with any of those things, nor did I make any statement about quality. It all comes down to personal taste, but I guess thats not okay to some people.

qwertyz2541d ago

compared to the pc verison it FAILS hard. it can only mathc the pc version running medium settings but even medium with some aa and af beats it

do you console players think the console versions look this good ?

no console game will ever even match bulletstorm pc LOL

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BootHammer2540d ago

Thanks Ash! It's also a great port ;)