Battlefield 3 New Maps, Jets & Caspian Border Beta Gameplay

It’s due to recent publishing posts that we found a another footage from YouTube. A guy is introducing the new map “Caspian Border”, and he is going to teach us [how to use the Jets], as well as some of the other footages, too.

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Chapulin2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Looks crazy!! Can't wait.

RaptorGTA2422d ago

its pretty awesome. They will hopfully be fixin the lag and servers crashin. When everything works its a whole lot of fun.

malol2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Caspian Border is open to all on PC
like from 2 days ago

limewax2422d ago

Better late than never! *Scuttles over to Caspian Border servers*

InNomeDiDio2422d ago

Caspian Border looks mindfreaking on PC

SITH2422d ago

My biggest worry with this game with regards to the fixed wing aircraft was the altitudes. Doesn't look like that is a issue. And the issue with controlling them may be a benefit console gamers have, we have our flight stick and ground control all-in-one control platform.

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