Assassin’s Creed fatigue has finally hit me

SG - This is the first year that I won’t buy the new Assassin’s Creed game at launch. In fact, I will probably wait well into 2012. As much as I love the franchise and respect the amount of work that goes into each game, I just don’t want to play Assassin’s Creed Revelations this year. I think Ubisoft’s “put out one AC per year because it will sell” philosophy has finally gotten to me.

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GraySnake2504d ago

Can't Tell if serious... or just sarcastic. lol

Anyway I'll be getting it because I'm a huge fan of the series and I'm ready to get a few more answers.

I honestly can't understand the argument that AC2's free-running was better in brotherhood... it's more fluid in brotherhood.

BushLitter2504d ago

Its funny, for me I went the other way. After the first game I was very hesitant in getting the second, but after II, I became more and more anxious to know what's going to happen next.

I think the continued success of the franchise will rest heavily on how well they answer our questions in Revelations. I expect there to be a cliffhanger, but this time more along the lines of God of War 2's cliffhanger and not AC II's WTF ending.

Fez2504d ago

That ending is the thing that makes me really want to get Revelations. Plus I've just got really into Brotherhood's online, and want to see what the new one will be like.

Ezio is also a great character and Old Ezio seems even more badass. Presence of Altair is also intriguing.

All this plus the solid AC gameplay means I have to play it!

Who2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I played Assassin's Creed on PC because at that time, I didn't own any consoles and the game looked a bit interesting. I just didn't dig the whole medieval feel of it. But after playing a few minutes, I was surprised.

When ACII came along, again I was on the fence because I thought it'd be the same ol' thing again - Assassinate, side mission, assassinate, side mission, etc. But they mixed it up and added more variation to the missions.

After ACII I wasn't 'hooked' per say because it was a new story, but Ezio's tale was interesting enough for me to warrant purchasing Brotherhood. The end of Brotherhood is what hooked me in.

Now I can't wait for Revelations. I was hoping that this game would be more Desmond focused, but maybe that's another tale. I loved that trailer with Altair and Ezio on the tower.

Just 1 more month!

Quagmire2504d ago

cool story bro, get back to playing COD.

Kakihara2504d ago

To be fair, if i were to complain about a franchise that totally holds your hand through every challenge so anyone with no skill can play like an expert and keeps releasing the same damn game under a new title every year for suckers the world over to buy and play again, i could be talking about COD or Assassin's creed.

I loved AC2 too, i really thought they had turned the franchise into something special but they just got greedy. Sorry to sound so harsh but if you can't see that these two fullpriced 'half sequels' are the shadiest of the shady as far as business practices go and the most cobbled together of cobbled together cash-ins you're a sucker.

Quagmire2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

half-sequels? What? Brotherhood is understandable, but Revelations is only the same character. The gameplay, setting, story and even graphics have been changed so much it pretty much IS a sequel. I mean heck, Ezio himself has changed so much aswell.

I mean, do people get annoyed when Uncharted 1 2 and 3 have Nathan Drake in every game despite (much like Assassin's Creed) having new gameplay elements, better graphics, continuing story, new setting, new characters? No, so then why for Assassin's Creed?

COD hasnt changed, sure you slap on a lick of paint and sell it under a new subtitle, but my god they're the same bloody things year after year after year. NO INNOVATION, they dont even TRY to add anything new or unique. Same guns, same pro-america story, same hollywood set-pieces, same MP, same perks, same graphics, same technical mess.

Flawed argument is flawed bro.

vickers5002504d ago

I haven't played Brotherhood yet, in fact I just ordered it yesterday, but from what I understand, it's basically Assassins Creed 2.5, so I'll just assume that's true for the sake of argument:

There have only been two extremely similar Assassins Creed games so far, Brotherhood and AC2 (both very different from 1 in my opinion).

Compare that to CoDs *FOUR* extremely similar titles (cod4,worldatwar,mw2,blackops) , and you realize that the AC franchise is a lot more fresh than something like CoD. To me, AC does look like it's starting to show its wear, but not as bad as CoDs, so I don't believe they're comparable (yet).

jc485732504d ago

with all the games coming out, you might consider holding on some games. I mean, it's not like Assassin's Creed is going to run out immediately. Simply buy the ones you want to play right now.

Ultr2504d ago

Im sorry but I already got bored with Assassins creed 1, but I played through 2 and it was better, still boring

snowman21492504d ago

A completely new setting, overhauled visuals and gameplay, the conclusion of Ezio and altair's stories, the bridge to Assassins Creed 3, a completely revamped multiplayer and you're FATIGUED?! WHAT.THE.FUCK.

BushLitter2504d ago

Lol, bubbles for the 'WHAT.THE.FUCK' reference :)

The only thing I'm a tad disappointed about is the removal of the Truth-type puzzles. That's what made AC2 and AC:B so appealing to me.

Still...let's hope they do something even more creative in Revelations.

Bring on the Ancient Aliens!

GraySnake2504d ago

The black room is the truth glyphs now, and it looks like it could be very interesting.

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