SG - Dark Souls… The first 3 hours

SG - As I opened my new release of Dark Souls, I was still spurned by the fact that somewhere between Best Buy and Namco they ran out of the Collector’s Editions. Being in my thirties with disposable income, I take pride in my Collector’s Editions. It’s the total package that I care about. But regardless, I still want my game; I still want to endure the world of Dark Souls.

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MysticStrummer2474d ago

If this person is really a Demon's Souls veteran as they claim, they sure don't show it by how they played Dark Souls. They skipped quite a bit also... suddenly they're in the graveyard. I'm tempted to call BS, but I don't care enough to throw the flag. Great game either way, though I'm also not sure I agree it looks better than Demon's Souls. I need to load it up and check my memory, but I know the chainmail is less detailed for sure and I think the environments are also less detailed in some ways. Whatever... still GotY for me so far.

colonel1792474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

I was playing Demon's Souls recently. Dark Souls is definitely less detailed. It is as if Dark Souls was the first game, and Demon's Souls improved from it, but it is the other way around, so it was a little bit downgraded. The animation, graphics, menus, etc look a bit better in Demon's Souls. The overall game is less outstanding.

Definitely Demon's Souls is a better made game, but gameplay wise, they are the same. I really don't know about story or other things in the game : voice acting, etc because I have only play Dark Souls for 30 mins.

(Tha's from my initial reaction of what I have played)

rdgneoz32474d ago

With Demon's Souls, you at least know where you know to go next. You have the portals to the different realms and they act like a check list of sorts. Dark Souls (loving it btw), it can get a bit confusing trying to find your way from one area to the next. (Note: F U Namco for your cheap a$$ "mini guide" the Demon's Souls guide with the game was very nicely done, but this is 48 pages that explains crap and tells you to buy the collectors edition guide thats 400+ pages... Not only does it take several days to get it downloaded because problems with their website, it ends up being crap)

Besides that, story wise, both are about par though the covenants in Dark Souls might tip the scale in its direction. With graphics, Dark Souls might be the winner. Though the chain mail might look less detailed, I have seen some nice armor that looks amazing. Hell, buy the book of the guilty and look at the gear on some of the top invaders. Hell, the ninja outfit from Blighttown is just beautiful.

Gameplay wise, they are very (very) similar, though Dark Souls has some nice improvements. I know I'm loving being able to jump finally :P.