Why Was The PC Launch of Rage Such A "[email protected]#$"?

Kotaku - The idea from the start was a game that blurred the lines between how games looked on console and PC.

id Software's most famous games, actually all of its major games, were titles built on the computer first, then brought to consoles later.

But not with Rage. id Software's big genre-blending shooter was created using the company's new id Tech 5 technology, an engine designed to run across all platforms, console or PC, with the same assets.

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chak_2542d ago

I've had no trouble with it, I guess I'm lucky :D

It's a blast, I love that game. Sure some texture could have been much better, but I don't care, it's fun and pleasant to play.

Sucks its locked to 60fps tho, my 120hz monitor is turning its fingers.

limewax2542d ago

I have it almost the same as you, hardly any issues with streaming textures. But it sends my GPU temps up to about 62c at areas. Did you notice your temps going higher than usual with this game?

And yes the 60FPS lock is so stupid, If it runs on consoles at 60 FPS a good rig would probably get a couple hundred fps instead

bumnut2542d ago

62c is nothing to worry about for a GPU

AllroundGamer2542d ago

well the temperature is normal, but depends on the graphic card... the newest have like 80-90C when playing games :)

limewax2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Cheers for the tip, I haven't really been gaming on PC long so I'm pretty cautious of temperatures right now.

I should probably try reading the manual for max operating temperatures really


Well I have a MSI GTX Lighting Xtreme 3GB, So I guess my temps are fairly good

MiamiACR692542d ago

I haven't had problems either. Just thought I'd throw that in their and be with the "I know my computer inside and out, and haven't had issues because I know how to fix things without facerolling my keyboard in an attempt to contact customer support." crowd. Seriously, loving this game at 60fps and no issues.

gamernova2542d ago

I've had minimal issues but nothing too bad. I'm not gonna lie though, if he would have said PC wasn't lead before release, I would have canceled my pre-order.

byeGollum2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

This is a prime example of why I don't bother with my PC.. I'll just stick to my Precious, where everything works.

mokopa2542d ago

Yes precious. I once had a precious called the NES. Now no one sells catriges. Please call me in 2014 when your precious is redundent and i play Vice city on my precious PC without fail. Progress is irony.

limewax2542d ago


You know what makes me lmao? the fact your precious is so lonely since you spend all your time trolling PC articles on N4G from....*Drum roll*...your PC.

byeGollum2542d ago


What is "trolling"? also I'm "trolling" from my MAC... get it? lmao

Orpheus2542d ago

Your MAC ????? aka PCs within shiny cases ????

I guess u know ur so called macs dont use the power or g3 or whatever processor they used to hype ////

byeGollum2542d ago

y'all are so easy to wind up... lol .. "MAC aka PC" oh really? lighten up ppl, y'all feel the need to defend hardware .. it's just hilarious lol

Orpheus2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Lolz thats the funny thing with MAC owners , the day Steve shifted to Intel Processors , hardware meant nothing to them lol ... but even the day before they worshiped those mumbo jumbo vodoo woddoo magical processors lol ... the next day adds came up 2/3 times performance boost with Intel processors lmao

BTW its good that you own consoles lol evrybody knows how macs play games lolz

mokopa2542d ago

I put in my HD5850, it gave 24fps max and crashed within 5 minites. I put back the Inno3d GTX570 back and it keeps 60fps and no issues. This smells like Nvidia paid Bethesda to cripple AMD cards. I dont buy this drivers reason. This smells of a srew job and we are the screwee.

byeGollum2542d ago

you can barely get her to function .. lol How much were those two cards combined? ehehehe

mokopa2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

i got amd card for free.

kevnb2542d ago

it is an amd driver issue, they finally did release the right driver though.

Raf1k12542d ago

Yeh I've been getting 24fps with my HD5850 too with that crazy texture pop-in when you turn. Not fun to play like that at all. Hopefully they'll sort it out soon so I can play it but TBH Rage looks like another bad console port to me.


This game runs well on my pc. Gtx 570sc,athlon II x4 and 12gigs ram. I had a lot of screen tearing until some one on this site recommended to use force v-sync.

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