PlayStation Wants to Crash Your College Dorm

The PlayStation Dorm Crashers Team is touring the nation!
Their team will show up with everything you need for the party of the semester

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PCRockStar2328d ago

Better than crashing my rear-end! Know what I mean?

ftwrthtx2328d ago

My daughter just started UC San Diego. Maybe I can get her involved then go check it out if she wins.

kc_chang2328d ago

Students need a break, and PlayStation has exactly that.

Gamer30002328d ago

"Students need "a break"
and PlayStation has exactly that."

or you can give them Kit-kat ???
"Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat".

xGet_In_There2328d ago

They were just here in Tucson at U of A. It was pretty bad ass. They gave away 5 PS3's throughout the time they were here and of course the raffle for 3D TV bundle.

xGet_In_There2328d ago

And sure enough I look like a moron because it's not on the list of cities lol. That's weird, I was just on campus and checked out the kiosks and even entered the raffle.

ftwrthtx2328d ago

Maybe they went there because someone talked them into it. They did say that was a possibility.

Elwenil2328d ago

I think the listing is their route, not the actual destinations.