DICE - Battlefield 3 - 64-players Operation Firestorm Conquest 2 gameplays

DICE 's tested the Operation Firestorm map and conquest sixty-four players.

here are two video from playing by DICE

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PRHB HYBRiiD2475d ago

This game is going to be amazing on all 3 platforms , just a couple of more weeks hurry up october 25!!

Co2-UK2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Link is not working for me. The site is probably down due to high traffic from this story.

Edit: Don't worry it is working now.

PixL2475d ago

This looks very much Battlefield :D

user98412882475d ago

I hope the game runs better for me. It looks like they are playing this at like 20 FPS...

andreasx2475d ago

instead of sweeping the crane, we should be able to bring it down :d

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