Battlefield 3 asks you to shoot police

EuroGamer - A sequence in Battlefield 3 asks you to shoot police officers in order to finish a mission, according to the game's ESRB listing.

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-Mezzo-2542d ago

Fox News, just jizzed in their pants.

Madusha2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Haha Fox will be all over this with whack claims. "This just in, Battlefield 3 makes police officers a target for gamers". Really? This isn't gonna make anyone pull out a gun and shoot a cop. Shut it fox. (Predicted headline, lulz).

Washington-Capitals2541d ago

If anyone saw what some of those PIGS specifically NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna did during the Wall Street protest a few days ago, PEPPER SPRAYING INNOCENT people. yea really FUK THE POLICE.
Heres the link to that vid

Undeadwolfy2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Sure, fuck the police, why not? After all, all the do is protect your City, and make you feel safe. Yes I know there are corrupt officers too, but the majority of them (at least in my opinion), do a good job. ¬¬

RememberThe3572541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

SPD are going around killing people is Seattle.


The last few years the SPD have been roaming with f*chin hair triggers. It's f*cked up cuz there are a lot of cops out there just doing their job and these assholes have everyone on edge.

OT: It's a plot point. I have a feeling it will hold some extra meaning, similar to No Russian where it just felt wrong. These games are evoking emotional responses, DICE doesn't want you to like shooting cops. They are probably banking on the fact that it'll feel off as part of the ride their taking you on.

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PCRockStar2542d ago

As soon as you said Fox News I jizzed my pants. Then the wind blew and I jizzed my pants again.

Please note: I'm just about jizzed out! Need to order more.

iPad2542d ago

F*CK THE POLICE! Lol. But seriously, pretty cool I guess. Just a video game.


Breaking News By Fox Lunch Time Update"Police Officer Killed Because Teen Was Addictied To A Game Called BattleField"

Blonde Stero type lady"We told u and we warned u,video games are damaging our society and its a major problem for parents who can't control there teenagers. I'll b back with more on this story after the break"


Corax2542d ago

People are so sensitive now a days, how do we know the cop didn't deserve it? COD did something like this controversial remember this? I laughed when that kid said most anticipated game of the decade. lol

JaredH2542d ago

Ya. I hope they do an interview with Geoff Keighley too.

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tunaks12542d ago

you also shoot other soldiers...

Gamer30002542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

"Battlefield 3 asks you to shoot police"
and what after i shoot police men like they ask me
Dice will deny that
and i will be on FOX NEWS
and they already found me:

Dart892542d ago

LMfao you have earned a bubbke xDDDDD.

Gamer30002542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

thank you for not calling "911"

marioPSUC2542d ago

The police could be corrupt cops or trying to kill you. It doesnt give us the full extent of why you are shooting the police.

I dont think it will get attention like the Call of duty mission where you walk through an airport and can kill civilians

Nitrowolf22542d ago

It's Fox lol they will pick at anything. Like the comment below, the Medal of Honor online team name was blown out of proportion with the news.

Hufandpuf2542d ago

spoiler: i know what mission it is. PM if you want to know or just agree if you want me to tell you.

Hufandpuf2542d ago

SPOILER: The opening level has you robbing a bank. The Paris stock exchange building to be exact. Proof? Notice in the bf3 single player trailer, there are cop cars outside, and in the pillars trailer, it shows a pan of cop cars waiting outside a building. Also, in the bf3 beta, in the last part of rush, as defender, notice you can walk into and around the building you spawn in front of. That's where the game begins. I'm not 100% positive, but I'm pretty sure about this.

Shubhankar2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

The Medal of Honor controversy ruined the game's launch, I just hope the same doesn't happen here. I know it's not THAT big a deal this time, but still, one can't help notice the similarities... both were DICE developed "authentic" military shooters.

aviator1892542d ago

Medal of Honor is not dice-developed. Only the mp portion of the game was handled by dice.

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