IGN - Battlefield 3 Beta: 64-Player Videos

IGN - PC players can get on 64-player Caspian Sea multiplayer, and we've got some new videos to show it off.

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AllroundGamer2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

man i hope the heli crash will look normal in the final retail version and not like here, where it looks like a toy without any weight just lands on the ground without any extra explosion, impact etc. ...

Laypoof2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Is anyone else getting a lot of stuttering in the Beta when running crossfire?

I'm currently running two 6950's and although the frame-rates are excellent (50+ on FRAPS), the game doesn't feel smooth at all and it stutters too much :(

blackbeld2503d ago

Another Overhyped video!

The game s#cks on beta!

I'm not buying it... see already enough. Every day another article hyping this game. Getting tired.

Septic2503d ago

I've been playing this on High and my gosh...this beta on this map is better than full blown games I've played.

BF3 is GOTY for sure. FOR SURE!!!!!

zeksta2503d ago

The hell is Caspian Sea? It's Caspian Border.. Damn IGN are too stupid to even know the map name >.<

Laxman2162503d ago

Haha, ive seen a few people call it that for some reason.

Laxman2162503d ago

Far out, this looks unreal!

Wish I had a good graphics card to play this on :(

Kahvipannu2503d ago

Damn, I want it now.. Watching these Caspian Border videos, gives me feeling of watching another swedish title World in Conflict at soldier perspective, the map looks insanely good. Day one baby!

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