IGN - Create the Ultimate Dark Souls Character

IGN - Creating a character in Dark Souls is tough work. Let the IGN Dark Souls Wiki help with some pregame tips

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Kos-Mos2476d ago

Or play the game without any help like me. Much more fun.

Laxman2162476d ago

Yep! The only help you need is what the games excellent online mode offers.

vickers5002476d ago

Or play the game how you want to play it. Even more fun!

Pledius2476d ago

Is this game REALLY that great? I love competitive play and stuff but nowadays all the games that has like ultra hype saying GREATEST GAME EVA! wasn't really THAT good. it was just OK.

Uncharted 2 was something like that to me; it was just OK but nothing like OMFGBBQHAXOR A++++ game. graphics really don't matter to me so yea...

is this game REALLY REALLY good as what people says about it?

vickers5002476d ago

I haven't played Dark Souls personally, but I agree with your point about Uncharted 2 and other games people say are the best ever.

But from what I've heard, if you like Demon's Souls, you'll really like Dark Souls as well. It's probably not "REALLY REALLY GOOD" as people say it is, but it's probably still pretty damn good.

I pretty much take all hype and praise said about a game, and just assume it's half as great as they say it is, because a lot of people tend to get carried away and amplify their perception of it because they're hyped for it.

Narutone662476d ago

The problem with this generation of gamers is that their expectation is too high. In my time, playing pong, pac man, space invader was amazing. Even, the graphics for the first generation Prince of Persia was already amazing. A word of advice so as not to be disappointed, play a game with an open mind and without expectations. Go online and view some game plays and trailers. That way you can get a general idea of how a game is like.