Saints Row: The Third system requirement, Insane Car Crash scene

Saints Row The Third is expected to launch on November 15th, 2011, before you buy your Saints Row: The Third, you might want to check out the system requirement of Saints Row: The Third.

In addition, a new gameplay was recently released by IGN as you can watch below.

Here's the system requirement:

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Johnny_Cojones2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I'm actually happy the requirements for the PC version are a bit steeper than usual. It means that there's a good chance that it'll look significantly better than the console versions, instead of just slightly better.

Plagasx2540d ago

Please don't be a shitty port, please don't be a shitty port, please don't be a shitty port.

NarooN2540d ago

It's not a port. SR2 PC was outsourced to another dev...and those devs weren't even given access to the game's original source code.

SR3 PC will be done 100% in-house by Volition. Nothing to worry about here.

Dovahkiin2539d ago

Good to know, makes me want to buy it for PC also at some stage.

raytraceme2540d ago

car crash scene took a page from burnout. Game is looking amazing so far!!! I just hope it gets more hype and that people support it :)