Battlefield 3 Grand Bazaar Map on PS3: DICE Has Made Improvements

Patrick Bach from DICE released a commentary run through of the Grand Bazaar map in Rush and a number of other videos have also appeared of the same map which displays a more recent build. The Playstation 3 gameplay is looking very good and clear improvements since the beta are evident. “This is a beta and not representative of the final product” – despite all doubts from players, this statement is very true.

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Chuk52387d ago

BF3 looks good. I think my problem is that I'm just burnt on military shooters.

Hitman07692387d ago

Interesting... we'll see how the final product is but I'm not gonna lie, the PC version makes this obsolete.

gustave1542387d ago

Some people just don't have the money to upgrade their PCs to play Battlefield 3....
Like me for instance.

Kahvipannu2385d ago

gustave154 exactly, tought you can get decent rig for this with 700-800€. And where friends play counts a lot too to people. Personally it's PC for me, but this footage looks insanelly good, console players will get amazing BF-game too.

shooter12387d ago

This looks cool and all but what I really want to see is conquest gameplay on consoles.

Kahvipannu2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Yeah, it will be interesting how for example Caspian Border is different from Pc-version, becouse of the lower playercount. Never the less, conquest was a blast already in console-BC2, and I'm pretty sure Dice will top that.

FlareDReborn2386d ago

I love how DICE is actually really trying to make all platforms equal.

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