Game Informer: White Knight Chronicles II Review

Phil Kollar writes: I'm always disappointed when a developer I like puts out a bad game, but you know what offends me even more? When a developer I like puts out a lazy game. The first White Knight Chronicles was a mediocre experience when it arrived in early 2010, but its sequel shamelessly recycles content to a degree that has me seriously questioning the abilities of once-trustworthy developer Level-5.

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radphil2506d ago

Wow...this game in no way deserved a 3.5/10....

Seriously...GI has diminished for a while now, but this is kinda hitting rock bottom.

jadenkorri2506d ago

this game is a rehash of the first, overall nothing is truly different, ive played 1 new level and now back tracking over the same f'in levels we all did over and over from the first if you did multiplayer especially. The levels are same from the first so far, only 1 expansion to a new area, this is the most laziest piece of crap ever. 3.5/10 is generous for this game.

madjedi2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

And i can't help but wonder of all the people that agreed with you how many actually have played the game, and aren't just mindless sheep ignorantly agreeing with you.

Considering most yearly or bi yearly game do almost the same, just a rehash why doesn't major publication sites mark them down for it. Oh right sorry it's a jrpg not a shooter so take 3 points away to start with.

If i cared about western media sites review scores, i wouldn't have picked up the first one, since a majority of them pissed on wkc 1. Or other solid jrpgs btw a 3.5 yeah get over yourself, so it reused alot of the maps and so does disgaea and many other jrpgs.

If the biggest problem in the game is reused maps and your rating it a 3.5, you need to change your tampon and stick to western fps's.

Wow seriously stop having knuckle dragging fps retards review jrpg's wkc 1 medicore, yes good forbid the visual not be amazing and you have to kill the same mob over and over again to grind.

aPerson2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )


JRPG or not, it doesn't matter. The game reuses a huge amount of content from the previous game. There is no excuse for doing that. It's just plain lazy.

And as much as I despise the franchise, at least Call of Duty provides ALL new content with each release (although I'm still not quite sure why you mentioned the game/s in the first place).

Remind us, please; why do you have so many bubbles? :/

jadenkorri2505d ago

@ madjedi

Hopefully you and others caught the fact i did say "so far" which would give the indication i have yet to finish. I've only been to 1 new city and 2 new levels and been slowly backtracking through levels from the first WKC. This is complete laziness. I don't care if the game gives you a visual orgasm. Its the content and story that makes the game great. I didn't buy WKC2 to play WKC1.

Zynga2506d ago

"Seriously...GI has diminished for a while now, but this is kinda hitting rock bottom."

>_> typical fanboy

radphil2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )


I dunno who you are, but you have no idea of the info i've gone through. That and considering the fact that I work for the company that deals with this magazine.

So keep the petty personal insults to yourself. Though, given with this site...that's asking for too much.

nikrel2506d ago

It is game informer, what do you expect? They are owned by Gamestop.

John Kratos2506d ago

How does that make any sense. Wouldn't they want Gameinformer to over score everything. So that it gains sells from the "great" reviews. Also it would make the game easier to recommend to unaware buyers.

KING852506d ago

In theory that makes sense, but not necessarily. By the way it's sales not sells. Not trying to be trivial just pointing out a common mistake I see many people are guilty of on here.

kaveti66162506d ago


it's very easy to point out grammatical mistakes when you have literally no way to counter his sensible claim.

Indeed, it would make much more sense for Gamestop to have GI overrate every game so that Gamestop employees can recommend the game to their unsuspecting customers.

It's not a theory, as you say. It's a reality. Often when I'm browsing in Gamestop, an employee recommends a game based on some BS anecdote ("this game is so awesome, I played it last week") or something as trivial as boxart. Now, if Gamestop had forced GI to give this game a good score, then their employees would be able to move the product with some credible reason ("This game scored very high with Game Informer").

Gamestop hasn't influenced GI.

John Kratos2506d ago


You probably should of pointed out that I also put a period at the end of my first statement. Which was wrong on my part because I asked a question.

I'm so glad we have a diligent watchdog such as yourself to keep us in tip-top grammatical shape.

banner2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )




testerg352506d ago

Before PS3 fans loved Game Informer.. of course not when GI rates a PS3 game.....

nikrel2506d ago

I never liked GI, I don't like Gamestop either.
They pull some of the most Shady stuff.

banner2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I like gi but hate gstop.

Had too many times of my wife getting a game for me and instead of going to walmart she would go to gstop and bring me a game that was open and sold at full price.

Happened 2 times and she knows better to ever go there again. I don't care if the game has never been sold for all I know that was the game passed around from employee to employee and regardless I would never get full price back for a game if it was unwrapped and given back right in front of them.

RavageX2506d ago

To be honest I don't follow game magazines anymore at all. I might pick up one to skim through but that's it. As far as reviews go I will sooner go to amazon and read what the users have to say.

Gamestop....awful place. The main reason I don't like to go there is the constant nagging. I rarely preorder games. I have done it maybe twice in my life, yet gamestop employees are worse than used car salesmen with harassment on the matter.

Same with signing up for whatever other crap they offer. If I am interested I WILL ASK.

I only use them if I'm looking for a cheap, cheap used/new game, or maybe an accessory.(They had the RB3 cymbals I wanted at a nice price)

They rip you off with just about everything else ins, and even newer used game sales. Sometimes I'll see used games costing more than a new joke.

It pisses me off that so many companies are doing "exclusive" dlc deals with them. Actually, it pisses me off completely. Be happy I'm buying your damn game, dlc should be exclusive for that reason alone.

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callahan092506d ago

Shut the ef up, trolls. Most of you hating on the game and vehemently agreeing with the review or other comments trashing the game have probably not even played it.