The 15 Best PC Games

GamePro - To help ease the selection process of your next computer game, we've ranked the best 15 PC games of the current generation in this exclusive GamePro feature.

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Prophet-Gamer2232d ago

I wouldn't call all 15 of this the best... I mean, there's a lot of other PC games that I would rank above some of the title in this list.

C_Menz2232d ago

Is this article serious?

icecoldfire2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

wheres deus ex or half life 2. portal 2, team fortress 2 deserve to be on that list but seriously red alert 3 is just crap load of disapointment should not be even near a top 200 list or 1000. as for the rest they belong in a top 50 not 15.

kornbeaner2232d ago

List is pretty bad. I should've just read the comments and not added to the hit count.

Awookie2232d ago

See's that there is 17 pages presses back immediately

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The story is too old to be commented.