The most honest Gears of War 3 Review on the Net (Examiner) (RealGamerNewz)

JI writes: "Gears of War 3 is undeniably the most anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive of the year. Released this September to much critical acclaim, real gamers might have trouble considering the mainstream reviews out there trustworthy. In response to the demand for a true, uncensored, and unadulterated review of this title the RealGamerNewz team has joined up again.

Within this complete review you will find everything from the gameplay to the graphics, story, and more analyzed and described in great detail. Best of all, you will get three viewpoints at once instead of one! Listen to the full show if you want the real deal about Gears of War 3 from Epic Games."


Timestamps for each section (hours:minutes:seconds):
1:10 Graphics - (Art Direction, Technical Quality, Etc.)
10:30 Gameplay - (A.I., Level/Enemy/Gameplay Design, Etc.)
27:00 Story - (Plot, Characters, Storytelling, Etc.)
40:42 Presentation
47:31 Sound/Music
1:00:58 Multiplayer - (Co-Op, Competitive, Hoard 2.0, Beast Mode, Etc.)
1:41:56 Enjoyment Level (A.K.A. Fun Factor) & Longevity (A.K.A. Replay Value)
1:52:00 Final Evaluation and Official RealGamerNewz Verdict

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Kreyg2540d ago

most "honest" review...that's what all the reviewers these days say...

shadowknight2032540d ago

If anything its indepth..a 2 hour!

StanLee2540d ago

LOL. Are you serious?! 2 freaking hours?!! Is Gears of War 3 even as long as that review?!

Madusha2540d ago

Two hours long... if not the most honest, definitely the longest review I've seen.

Relientk772540d ago

I am pretty sure no matter what game they are reviewing. I would not watch a video review that was 2 hours long lol.

GunofthePatriots2540d ago

i wouldnt even watch a review that was a half hour long lol.

10-15 minutes is enough time to cover everything.

Relientk772540d ago

Good point 30 mins is too long too haha

I like the Gamespot reviews theyre usually like 5 - 9 mins in length. You get the main idea of all the areas of the game, what's good, whats not. They are usually very good reviews.

Sub4Dis2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I thought Yahtzee did the most honest review? and his was about 5 minutes. I still love the MP though.

frjoethesecond2540d ago

Same. Campaign was Meh. Multiplayer is fantastic.

DragonKnight2540d ago

That review was awesome. Yahtzee rules.

units2540d ago

Digital foundry call gears 3 one of most advanced games of this generation and clearly the most technologically advanced unreal engine 3 game to date yet the guy on the video has the nerve to go on about batman using unreal engine better

BiggCMan2540d ago does use it better :/

Unaffected2540d ago


"Gears is clearly the most technologically advanced Unreal Engine 3 game to date, pushing the technology in exciting new directions. As our videos have hopefully demonstrated, the lighting and VFX work is nothing short of phenomenal, while the new camera and object-based motion blur systems are the most refined we've seen from any game utilising the Epic tech: this is a 30FPS game but, similar to The Force Unleashed II, it looks and feels smoother. On top of this, the art direction is simply superb - the quality is so much improved over the previous Gears titles that a return visit serves to remind you of how much progress Epic has made over the course of this console generation"

BiggCMan2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I suppose it can be an opinion as to what looks better on the surface, but I personally believe Arkham City will really utilize the engine in the best way we've seen to date. I personally think Mass Effect utilizes this engine the best though at the moment, number 2 anyways. But once Arkham City releases, I think it will really surprise us.

kikizoo2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Oh look units xfans has a new multiaccount.

great review by the way (2 hours !)

Hitman07692540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

In that same article from Digital Foundry they talk about frame drops, screen tearing, anti-aliasing issues, the list goes on (lens of truth had the same things to say).

In fact, Digital Foundry and Lens of Truth were actually harder on the game's graphical technicalities than this review.

Nice job cherry picking though ppp. ;) Hope you enjoy the whole review, hang around and listen for the positives given to the game and the overall verdict.

Unaffected2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Gears of War 3 runs at 720P native and heres an interesting from piece DF themselves

"Another notable inclusion in the VFX toolbox is the excellent implementation of atmospheric rendering, giving a real sense of scale and ambience to a variety of levels. Alpha and particle effects in general are quite remarkable - a real improvement over what we've seen before in previous Unreal Engine games, and reminiscent at times of the gritty atmosphere evoked by Killzone 3 and Resistance 3. The fact that Unreal Engine 3 throw so many transparencies about while maintaining its performance level to the extent that it does is another feather in the cap of the Epic engineers"

Unaffected2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Lens of Truth maybe but then again they are bunch a amateurs just out to make a name for themselves but DF from my view were the opposite of going hard on the game and went on for about 3 pages talking about about every tech piece about it

qwertyz2540d ago

framerate drops, scren tearing, anti aliasiing issues are problems all console games have so what are you talking about ?

doesn't killzone 3 have anti-alising issues and drops framereate when under stress ? ifnfact killzone 3 has much more jaggies than killzone 2 did simply because MLAA doesn't suite the artstyle.

how about infamous 2 that has no AA at all as well I don't hear anyone complain about it or resistance 3 that runs 960x704 that's horribly sub-hd and nobody complains about it on this site lol its only on pc that those issues are not present gears 3 does look amazing for a CONSOLE game whether you accept the fact or not doesn't really matter.

I don't hear anyone complaining when ps3 exclusives all use low resolution alpha effects(because the rops in the rsx don't have enough bandwidth to work with) why is that ?

gears 3 renders alpha effects at full resolution using the edram bandwidth and does have good amazing looking textures, character models and lighting,god-rays, alpha effects, animations(way better than gears 2 did)
and nobody acknowledges it because its on 360 lol and when I troll console articles everyone calls me an asshole why is that ? don't you console fanboys do the same thing ? you guys trolls the articles related to the console you don't like all the time

the hypocrisy on this site is astounding

DragonKnight2540d ago

@qwertyz: Shut up PC troll. No one cares about your appraisal of console games.

OT: Calling this the most honest review is fallacious. Most reviews are either honest, or bought so this review is just no different except that it's the longest I've heard of so far. Why would you take 2 hours to review a game?

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Boody-Bandit2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

"Clearly the most technologically advanced unreal engine 3 game to date"?

Only tells me one thing. It's time to move on to a new engine NOW. Seriously and all joking and poking fun at this engine aside. Gears 3 is a fun game but it still feels clunky, sticky and lacks finesse and polish. Been there done that never rung more true once I played and completed the SP and a hundred plus matches on XBL.

Now I have next to no interest in playing it anymore.

vgcgames2540d ago

Wow, what a detailed review. I agree with the score. good game but not amazing.

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