DICE talks Battlefield 3 beta, says there’s been a “misunderstanding” of the term

One of Battlefield 3’s producers, Patrick Lui, discussed some of the most frequently asked questions regarding DICE’s beta decisions, particularly why the studio opted to choose a map that doesn’t reflect Battlefield’s prominent robust modes, with the Operation Metro locale being vacant from vehicles.

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CernaML2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I still have some faith left after seeing the latest Grand Bazaar footage. It looked fantastic. I remember playing the Bad Company 2 PS3 beta back in 2009 which had some really bad screen tearing and pop in as well. When I played the final build, I was pleasantly surprised to see that those problems were significantly reduced.

Don't disappoint me, DICE. So far you have a really good track record. :D

--Then again... Medal of Honor did happen. =|

rawrockkillz2541d ago

I think Medal of Honor was kind of forced upon them though by EA. Battlefield is there bread and butter.

CernaML2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Yeah that's what I was thinking. Both BC2 and MoH were released in less than a year FFS.

CernaML + 11m ago
"I still have some faith left after seeing the latest Grand Bazaar footage. It looked fantastic."

deadpoole2541d ago

I don't know whats deal with ppl ... BETA has always meant BETA ... it never meant Alpha, Final, Retail, Pizza, CocaCola or what not.

It always meant BETA build. Ppl and their fantasy Barbie World makes em think anything other then the intended.

4Sh0w2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

nah, I know its a beta, maybe the less informed don't know but does it really matter what they call it, for most gamers who don't follow BF and were interested because of all the trailers and media focus, it served its purpose as a demo, because expectations even for a beta these days is that they are at least somewhat polished to represent what your final game will be like only better, unfortunately this late beta is the worst I've seen this gen for such a hyped game. Sure the final game will be better than the beta, but thats not saying much, the question is how much better?

floetry1012541d ago

They keep having to reiterate the fact that it is a beta test for the idiots that treat it like a demo and still think it somehow resembles the final game.

DrFUD2541d ago

Everybody always misunderstood beta.
Why else did VHS win?
Beta was better.

biRdy2541d ago

Yes I know its a Beta, but they could have polished it up a bit more, are they not aware that most people play the beta and think that a representation of the full game?

OdinX2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Funny thing is that there's a white bold note when starting up the BETA that says exactly the opposite...

Sabian1872541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I mostly played the beta for the gameplay and I found out two things....
1 It has the same gameplay as every other Dice game....ever...and
2 The addition of prone has made "bush camping" an Olympic sport.
My holy God, how they love them those bushes.

Optical_Matrix2541d ago

The Grand Bazaar footage proves that people who were crying foul about the BETA's graphics and glitches clearly don't understand what a BETA is. A BETA is not the glorified demo's we see most of the time this generation, it's an older, patchier build of the game used to iron out kinks in time for the shipping of the retail code of the game.

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