Team Ninja Details Dead or Alive 5′s New Gameplay Elements

Team Ninja has shared details regarding two new gameplay elements found in Dead or Alive 5; Power Blow and Cliffhanger. Using the pre-alpha trailer previously release as an example,TN explains how these two features work in the fighter.

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zerocrossing2541d ago

That was epic! :D this is exactly the kind of new gameplay elements that will really set this game apart from other brawlers, can't wait to see more.

princejb1342531d ago

yep i love dead or alive great fighter

banner2540d ago

What amazed me was a lot more going on with the environment! Looks like doa5 is shaping up quite nicely.

ABizzel12540d ago

This seems to be the first true Next Gen fighting game IMO. 60 fps and good graphics aren't enough devs. While at ti's core it's just another DOA, and even more so just another fighter, but it's doing SOMETHING new.

The downer for me is, DOA has never been my go to fighting game, but this put it on my radar. The most epic in-game fighting game fight I've ever seen.

SOD_Delta2540d ago

That was..... Awesome. I can't wait to play this game. MK9 got changed to many times. This will be my main fighter.

AriesSiren2539d ago

omg its going to be breathtaking. no fighter can touch DOA's interactive levels, counter system and graphics. it really is a fighting "experience" the full trailer took my breath away and thats just one level