RAGE Texture Streaming Issues Need to be Addressed

TheParanoidGamer: "Yesterday we received our review copy of Rage. Needless to say I was excited to insert this bad-boy into my PS3 and begin exploring the universe of Rage. It didn’t take long before that excitement turned to horror. Rage has serious texture streaming issues on all platforms."

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christheredhead2480d ago

thats pretty much what it looks like for me. i cant play it with all that pop in happening. i keep getting distracted from the actual game. im hoping they fix it soon cause i would like to play it, but as it stands it just bugs me to much to enjoy it to the fullest.

Dovahkiin2480d ago

Brink did the exact same thing, bit of an immersion killer.

christheredhead2480d ago

yah i had the same complaints with brink as well. i sort of hyped it up for myself, rented it on launch day and was thoroughly disappointed.

that game as a whole was grossly underwhelming. easily one of my biggest disappointments this gen. i thought it was gonna be so much more.

BattleAxe2480d ago

This game is a I mean a Car Wreck.

Sidology2480d ago

Kind of a bummer, but this game took like six years to develop. Problems like this shouldn't be coming up.

Nitrowolf22480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

this is a huge issue and TBH I don't understand how the game could have gone gold like this. I mean it's so noticeable I don't see why they would leave it.
I also question the reviews that gave it 10/10 cause honestly I don't see it with this issue.

Ulf2480d ago

Something I would expect on the 360, and even the PS3. I wouldn't expect it on a PC, though. If the tech is so flaky that you need to defrag your HDD, and install 8+ GB in a fairly solid block... its not really ready for primetime.

xyxzor2480d ago

Yeah, it's really bad.

qwertyz2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

its much worse on ps3 than 360 even without the game being installed on the 360s hdd it has MUCH less texture pop-ins than the ps3 version with the 360 version insatlled on hdd texture pop-ins are barely noticable at times not at all. the ps3 version of rage also looks worse than the 360 verison and has much longer load times than the 360 verison running off disk and not intalled on HDD. ID needs to patch the ps3 version

the pc version at least running on my nvidia powered high end rig doesn't give me any problems though

dantesparda2480d ago

I wish we could defrag the PS3 hdd

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The story is too old to be commented.