Final Fantasy VII Remains The Top Selling PSone Classic In North America

Two years after becoming available for purchase via Sony’s PlayStation Network Square renowned role-playing game still remains the top selling PSone Classic to date in North America. As of October 7th 2011 Final Fantasy VII had achieved 16,996 downloads, making it the most downloaded PSone Classic and the best selling.

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narutogameking2474d ago

"Final Fantasy VII had achieved 16,996 downloads"

Wrong. That's ratings. The amount of people who downloaded the game is much much higher.

CLOUD19832474d ago

Now just think what is going to happen if SE make a good remake for PS3 of this game? how many sales is going to reach? I bet 5 million in a week and more than 8 in a month and the total sales after a while will be more than 10 million 100% after all the original sell over 10 million now with new generation + old fans everything can happen.

princejb1342474d ago

problably more, I'm thinking big numbers like 40 mill or something if it becomes multi platform

ssb31732474d ago

I dont blame them, this was an epic game