Why Battlefield Hasn’t Beat CoD… and Why They’re Closer Than Ever Before takes a look at why Battlefield 3 may have Call of Duty shaking in their boots.

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PCRockStar2507d ago

I don't see it as beating COD. Two very different games even though they are both FPS.

TurismoGTR2506d ago

Call Of Duty future isn't lookin so bright after mw3.

Hufandpuf2506d ago

MW3 seems to be correcting everything that went wrong with MW2. I don't like either MW2 or BLOPS, but IW MIGHT get one this right. The only downside is that their formula is getting old.

RufustheKing2506d ago

Battlefield 3 beta is fun and CoD hasn't been fun since CoD4. i will get battlefield over CoD.

GrayFox0072506d ago

Honestly this COD vs Battlefield or Bad Company is the most retarded fight in video game history. You may as well compare Battlefield to Resistance or Halo.

They are completely different games. This "fight" was engineered by EA and Activision to get publicity, like Don King does when he's promoting a fight. And gamers took the bait and went with it.

This battle is utterly ridiculous in every way imaginable. And whoever gets involved in needs to wake up to the stupidity of it all.

denero12506d ago

I won't judge either game until both are fully released -_- i will say i had more fun with bfbc2 then mw2 but this may be because i sucked at mw2 :\

it would be silly of me to base judgement on games from press releases and beta's a full product will determine my judgement

JBSleek2506d ago

It's Simple. CoD is mainstream. So this means it generates as much fans as it does haters.

People are going to go for the underdog(BF3) just like they would in sports. Sad thing is they let it get into their head and pick one over the other instead of buying both.

Is BF3 going to beat CoD, no, probably not even close but since everyone sees BF as an underdog they will bash CoD and go for BF3. #Simple

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