New Suit revealed for Super Mario 3D Land

New Super Mario 3D Land suit has been revealed, making its first appearance in a 3D Mario game.

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TopDudeMan2541d ago

Boomerang and the old racoon power. That's cool.

TomInc2541d ago

Brilliant! This and Racoon power will make for some epic power-ups =)

WooHooAlex2541d ago

I still say this game should be called Super Mario Land 3D

Neo Nugget2541d ago

I think it is, isn't it? The 3D is in white, while the rest of the characters are colored. Someone would read the colored words straight down, then read the 3D since it stands out so much.

admiralvic2541d ago

No it is 100% Super Mario 3D Land. They named it this way so no one gets confused with Super Mario Land and thinks its a 3D version of that or anything of the sort.

Eamon2541d ago

^ Yeah exactly. A lot of people would simply think it's the original Super Mario Land but in stereoscopic 3D.

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