Battlefield 3 game modes: all you wanted to know

A full run down on all the game modes in Battlefield 3, including Conquest, Team Deathmatch, and Rush.

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Lavitz20122475d ago

Nice now all were missing is a dinosaur horde mode and my life will be complete:D.

Grimhammer002474d ago

Umm, these modes are fun....certainly.
But, I'd like to see more....take a play from COD and go crazy.

What would 1bullet or gun game be in bf3?

But I guess bf series is too focused on realism.

kennyboy2474d ago

yeah realism like reviving tanks with a blowtorch

ZombieAssassin2474d ago

I just want CTF back, loved it in BF2 Modern Combat.

Farsendor12474d ago

i never considered bf3 to be realistic more like tactical