'Uncharted 3′ Subway Multiplayer Beta Impressions [Game Rant]

This summer’s multiplayer beta for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception was the most successful beta ever in the history of the PS3. The demo not only served as a proving ground for Uncharted 3‘s multiplayer component, but it also whet the appetites of players the world over – who are eager to jump back into Uncharted.

Last Saturday, Naughty Dog, in conjunction with Subway restaurants, launched a promotion that granted players access to a new Uncharted 3 multiplayer demo. There’s a lot going on in this demo so we’ve put together our impressions of the pre-release beta to help new players and Uncharted veterans alike quickly jump into the fray.

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garos822476d ago

all i can say is :)

bring on the 11th of novemeber. im taking that week off from work, getting my dominoes vouchers and not removing my ass from the couch!

Brownghost2476d ago

Hell yeah I've learned to always plan early when skipping work

DarkTower8052476d ago

November 11th? It's November 1st here in the U.S.,is the release date different where you are?

RoyaleWC2476d ago

Maybe he meant the Skyrim release date, Nov 11? :P

DarkTower8052476d ago

Could be lol. I have a feeling that between BF3, Uncharted 3, Skyrim and MW3 MANY vacation days are going to be taken across the globe.

garos822476d ago

im not sure i thought its released 11th november in the uk if not even better :P

ginsunuva2476d ago

I'm pretty sure europe date is nov 2.

cochise3132476d ago

I'm loving this beta so far. it's very addicting.

Buuhan12476d ago

This actually isn't the beta (even if it is labeled as such on the XMB), the beta was back some months ago. This is the full final MP (excluding co-op), tho ND still is tweaking it a bit based on feedback.

guitarded772476d ago

Semantics... you know what cochise means. Whatever you want to call it, it's good... and pretty too.

Buuhan12475d ago

Oh, N4G users. Disagreeing with facts. XD

Goozex2476d ago

A must have in all adventure seeking gamers.

ginsunuva2476d ago

Take out "adventure seeking."

PirosThe4th2476d ago

It gets released here the 3rd. CAN'T WAIT! XD Got my Explorer's edition Preorderd... payed half of it already

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