F***ed Up Fridays - Insurance Fraud in Saints Row: The Third

IGN: You have just a few minutes to cause as much bodily harm to yourself as possible. Go.

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rabidpancakeburglar2391d ago

This was fun and easy in SR2 but I would always end up falling right beside the only car for miles around and getting like $1000.

EazyC2391d ago

I did something like this once....

It was NOT worth it.

troncoparati2391d ago

We'll top that easy when the game releases...the videos will be fun.

Kahvipannu2391d ago

Game is looking insane, can't wait for it. I had a lot of fun doing these missions in SR2, looks like you can steer your character in air here, can't remember if that was the case in SR2, but it looks fun.

Laxman2162391d ago

Haha, I loved this the last 2 games, im sure it will be just as fun a third time around.

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