Is There a Bright Future Ahead for Smartphone and Tablet Gaming? - Bits 'n' Bytes Gaming

It's interesting how the gaming landscape has changed over the past five years or so. When you think back to the last generation and how consoles were only just coming to grips with online gaming services, it's odd to think that nowadays we can not only play games on everyday devices, such as mobile phones, but also use them to play games online. The days of Snake on the Nokia 3310 are dead.

With this in mind, the BnBGaming team has put on its thinking caps and looked at the future of mobile gaming. Will gaming on smartphones and tablets eventually die out? Will those Angry Birds stop being so angry? It's a difficult topic, but that's why we're here! This week's participants include Martin Watts, Pascal Tekaia, Tom Rippon and Chad Morelock.

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zeal0us2543d ago

Tablets already replace majority of the Tablet pc market.
Video games is a multi billion dollar industry, mobile gaming make up a sum of that money. So I highly doubt mobile gaming(phone and or tablet) will be disappearing anytime soon.