We Got This Covered: ICO and Shadow of The Colossus: The Collection Review

A full, detailed review of ICO and Shadow of Colossus: The Collection. Find out how the HD makeover transition went. Are these cult classics worth picking up on the PS3?

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psb2539d ago

this is my fav PS3 HD collection by a huge margin. So glad they released it. Loved it.

PirateThom2539d ago

Mine just arrived today, haven't had a chance to play yet... first thing I did was swap the cover around.

Wick2539d ago

Shadow of the Colossus is amazing. ICO is quite good too.

NextDeadman2539d ago

Never played ICO, but SOTC was one of my favorites on PS2. Definitely picking this up (once I can actually find it...)

JTX2539d ago

Playing this for the first time...I'm stuck on I think the 5th colossi...the one underground with an appetite for destruction. Had a hard time adjusting to the controls but I'm used to them now.

JTX2539d ago

Loving the game btw...really happy they released it on ps3.

MadMax2539d ago

First thing i did was change the controls, so up is up and left is left! They had it all reversed. Same thing with the PS2 version. Its one of those rare games for me, that you can go back to and play after completing it. Nowadays when your done with a game, you dont ever really wanna return to it.

Information Minister2538d ago

I had to reverse the controls too. The game certainly hasn't aged very well in that department and it can be very frustrating at times. But it's still an incredible and beautiful experience.

The 5th colossus is a flying creature. I think you are stuck on the 6th colossus. That one gave me a hard time too, because I thought I had to climb up his arm but the path was obstructed. I found the solution through blind luck while trying to recover some health. I'm not going to spoil the fun for you, let me just say that's one mighty beard he has. ;)

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