AMD Catalyst 11.10 Preview - Combined BF3 and Rage Performance Driver Released

DSOGaming writes: "AMD has just released the preview version of their upcoming highly anticipated drivers, Catalyst 11.10. Why are these drivers highly anticipated you ask? But because they feature performance gains for both Battlefield 3 and RAGE. We should note however that although the release notes state that there are minor increases with Crossfire systems, these preview drivers does not include a proper Crossfire profile. According to the company, proper Crossfire support will be coming next week."

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kevnb2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Finally amd, you guys really better get on the ball. im thinking of never getting an amd card ever again.

MiamiACR692473d ago

That would possibly be the smartest thing you've thought of doing all year!

AfricanWoolf2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

I have to admit, I normally love ATI, but their cards always seem to have problems.

Price\performance, ATI is king but the extra you pay for nvidia seems to be worth it.

I'm running an ATI 5850 and am very happy, but when I upgrade, nvidia's physx along with the stability is probably going to win me over.

dirthurts2473d ago

You do realize that AMD can't predict how a game will run that won't release for several months after they've published drivers right?
It's really up to the developers to make sure their games run well.
Hats off to AMD for fixing their problems.

kevnb2473d ago

apparently they have no idea about anything, old games just stop working correctly suddenly. Many games have odd stutter one month but are fine the next. Its kind of a mess.

Megaton2473d ago

I've never used Nvidia so I can't speak to those cards and their drivers, but I've had nothing but trouble with AMD. First update I did on this PC made CCC stop opening. Finally got it fixed by a friend a couple months later. Another driver update more recently was corrupted and gave me BSODs.

kevnb2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

nvidia drivers are much better. My laptop is running a 5850m, and my desktop is a 460. I had a 5850 in my desktop but sold it and got the slightly weaker 460, the 460 actually works better overall just because of the drivers.

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AfricanWoolf2473d ago

The drivers made RAGE crash for me - couldn't even start up the game.

iamgoatman2473d ago

Don't forgot Crossfire in F1 2011 as well you lazy bums.

I normally stick up for AMD as up until recently their drivers have been very good, and are often over-critised by people who probably don't even use them, but the last couple of months have been poor.

The last couple of releases seem to be focused solely on RAGE and BF3, often ignoring a lot of other releases. Now I know RAGE desperately needed a fix, and that's fine but how many more drivers are we going to get for a beta? Couple that with the last few releases haven't been very stable, since 11.7 my driver stops responding every now and then for no reason.

If proper Crossfire support for F1 2011 isn't amongst the RAGE Crossfire fix coming next week I'll be pissed.

willyb_112473d ago

Are there going to be any drivers released for Battlefield 3 that improve performance for the 4000 series of Radeon gpu's? I feel like I should be getting better performance out of my 4850.

Plagasx2473d ago

Time for an upgrade buddy...