NowGamer: Crysis (Xbox 360) Review

Whether or not the graphics of Crysis on Xbox 360 hold up against the PC version is not the question whose answer carries the most weight. After all, you already know the answer is that they don’t.

What matters is whether the gameplay is comparable, not only because that’s a resounding yes, but because it’s of far greater potency in how it relates to the Crysis experience.

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franko2476d ago

Crysis looks way better on 360 then on ps3. I downloaded it on both consoles and i can't play it on ps3, after i've tried it on 360.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2476d ago

uncharted 2 looks way better then ANYTHING on xbox.after playing it, i can't bring myself to turn my 360 on.

qwertyz2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

crysis 1, RAGE,gears 3,killzone 3 look better than uncharted 2 which and still none of them look as good as crysis 1 pc running some aa, af @ 1080p lol

new consoles are needed....they have been needed since 2006 thats just how outdated consoles are

Tyre2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Crysis 1, Rage, Gears 3, Killzone 3 are all very good games but Uncharted 2 is unique in it's animations/facial animations/physics/cinematic scenes/pacing/atmosphere it's useless to compare these features with other games, in animations and perfected execution Uncharted 2 clearly is still the winner. Uncharted 2, as a whole game, is almost flawless, such perfection is rarely seen and can only be done by Naughty Dog. Lets talk about Gears 3 for instance:the facial animation is a step up, but some cutscenes are too short and do not reward the gamer in the building up towards the memorable moments, they contain poor animation almost to the point that they are ridiculous compared to the rest of the game, for instance:The 1st Brumak death(he just explodes in a nanosec?/The Brumak on the highway getting run-over by trucks...these cutscenes are too fast and the animation of the Brumak itself(when he dies)are ackward and to short. These are not the perfected animations Epic could have done. The rest of the game is fantastic and it is still the best Gears yet! Anyways shall we stop comparing games, each has it's own strong and weak points.