We Got This Covered: X-Men: Destiny Review

A detailed and informative review of X-Men: Destiny from Silicon Knights and Activision.

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Wick2539d ago

It's too bad this one was less than stellar. The subject matter is great.

NegativeCreep4272538d ago

Halo was nothing back in 2001. We'll see if the X-Men will regain themselves in the current generation!!

NextDeadman2539d ago

Shame, I was a big fan of the X-men Legends games, and was hoping this might be a return to that.

MidnytRain2538d ago

Yes! There seriously needs to be a new X-Men Legends game for this or next gen. With local and online co-op of course.

madjedi2538d ago

I mistakenly assumed this was the same type of game as marvel ultimate alliance 1, part 2 was horrible compared to part 1. I beat it with 1 character, i think a 2 out of 5 is a little unfair the game worked, i encountered no game breaking glitches.

It was between a 5-6 for me, it was an average game to me, felt like it should have come out 3-4 yrs ago, not really what i would expect from a 2011 x-men game.