Why You Should Care: Just Cause 2

Casey White wrote: "You know... I didn't honestly think that this week's title was one that I was going to have to write about. It was just assumed that everyone had already played this game... I'll give you that it wasn't the deepest story, and some of the characters in the game were annoying enough that I found myself reaching for the mute button during a few select cut-scenes... but we play games for the interactive portion right? We like them because they're fun, and we can get away with activities within them that will NEVER happen in the real world, right? That's why I'm surprised at the lack of people that still haven't given the time of day to Just Cause 2."

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TheHip142544d ago

Loved Just Cause 2. Great game.

Sunhammer2544d ago

Best open world game ever made.

ikkokucrisis2544d ago

how this game didnt win any awards the year it came out is beyond me!

Perjoss2544d ago

Cant stress enough how good this looks on PC with max settings and in 3D vision!

limewax2544d ago

agreed, I only recently got a pc capable of maxing it, and its a whole different ball park, especially if you have an nvidia card as well

Dj C42543d ago

The mods you can download for this game are incredible. Infinite hooks / links is so much fun haha

psb2544d ago

I hope a sequel to this is in development. Loved the second one.

Dj C42544d ago

I want a JC3 so bad. Such a great game.

Wenis2544d ago

Same here, and I really hope it has online, even if its just 2 player coop, it would make the game so much more fun.

Brownghost2544d ago

multiplayer isnt needed since open world is enough already but a co op mode would be great

Quagmire2544d ago

Have you played Renegade Ops? Made by the same devs, basically a top down shooter version of Just Cause 2.

Undeadwolfy2543d ago

That game is pretty damn awesome.

Hazmat132544d ago

the most fun i ever had with a video game!

kma2k2544d ago

I liked the game it was a lot of fun. It was the only open world game that ive ever thought this game is actually TO big.

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The story is too old to be commented.