PC is not Leading Platform for Games Says John Carmack

John Carmack expressed his reasons for developing Rage for the console, and expressed frustration about the PC launch.

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hiredhelp2544d ago

WTF, I knew it didnt want to say disagree if you like guy's But i heard him at quake con all he was speaking about was how he started and Microsoft how easy was to develop for and the SDK kit MS sent them.
gamers loved Doom quake you known for your work i cant bare to read this article dam.
My opinion disagree but i knew this comming gut feeling.

Solid_Snake-2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

this guy was made through PC gaming, now he says these things.

glad i never paid for RAGE and will never touch a title of carmacks again.

also RAGE is a very average game.

MAJ0R2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

he's been sucked into the greed involved with releasing a crappy PC version and only caring about the consoles, he acts like he didn't know what he was doing... I will never see Carmack the same way now

lelo2play2544d ago

I glad i didn't buy Rage PC. It's a mess. John Carmack really fu*ked up the PC version.

theonlylolking2544d ago

LOL So many peeps on this website kept bubbling me down before RAGE released for saying "Carmack is not as great as he used to be."

evrfighter2544d ago

And when bf3 is a major success? What then?

ive said it time and time again. Carmacks lost it. Hes out of touch with pc gamers and I cant see him ever making anything other than mediocre. Btw I called rage being mediocre years ago.

The guy has given up on pc gaming long ago and the pc gaming hardcore has given ip on him long ago.

good luck on future projects john. Cuz you're seriously gonna need it

BattleAxe2544d ago

John Carmack is way way overrated. The guy hasn't done anything great in the last 10 years, and according to most user reviews that I've seen, RAGE is a bust. But there are only a handful of websites that have the balls to call RAGE what it really is, and its that the game is nothing more than mediocre with borrowed ideas from borderlands and Fall Out 3.

morganfell2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Greed? You can't even reach the grapes. Someone is certainly sour. The reason only a handful of websites have given poor reviews is that most sites recognize the game for the it's achievement and sound gameplay.

Carmack makes games because he enjoys it. His other passions in the aerospace industry and elsewhere have brought him plenty of money so that gaming isn't a necessity for him. Greed? Really?

The greatest day in gaming remains the moment that John Carmack first walked by a computer and said, "Cool, how does that work." I cut my teeth on PC games and really threw myself at it with games from Id. I am likely older than 99% of the people here and have been gaming Carmack's work since day 1. Id is a great developer and that truth hasn't changed.

The fact that he understands the industry better than a group of PC purists is without question. He is stating the facts of gaming and finance.

Nowhere did Carmack say that the PC wasn't a better platform or a more powerful platform. In fact he indicated the opposite. He is stating a reality about the industry and buying trends. Money makes the world go around and avoiding the facts do not change their reality...or their impact.

"...both console versions will have larger audiences than the PC version."

You cannot argue that point. If people want to say that if Id focused more on the PC then the public would buy more PC games, then they need to look at history. It wasn't Id that walked away from PC gaming. It was the public that made PC games less lucrative and consoles more attractive. And buy the public I mean PC gamers themselves are in a large part to blame.

I can almost guarantee that if anyone went to Todd Hollenshead and said, "Here. Take these millions of dollars and keep the Doom IV off of consoles. Just build a PC version" then Id would likely bite. You can't expect them to ignore that revenue. Do you have any idea of the number of people working at Id that have families? Or the companies that work in association with Id?

On a separate note it looks as if the PS3 version of Doom IV will continue to get it's own development pipeline as the Cell is running Supertexturing.

And remember, PC gamers made consoles the lead platforms. Whether it was screaming and refusing to buy games because they couldn't run them on a computer assembled with duct tape, a coathanger, a 500MB HDD, and 17 viruses they have had since Windows 98, or whether it was outright piracy.

Here is the bitter truth. Consolers were not pirating PC games to bring consoles to the forefront. PC gamers were pirating PC games. Consoles are the lead in this industry because console gamers buy games. The very attitude of "I'll never buy another Carmack game again" is what created the situation in the first place.

As well we have the Doom III debate where Carmack discussed PC gamers not wanting to upgrade and expecting to be able to run the latest engined titles on a Voodoo Banshee. They were doing the very thing of which they accuse consolers, refusing to upgrade.

Here is the best part. By refusing to buy Id games you are assisting in the furtherment of the very thing you claim to despise - console prominence.

Irony much?

It is laughable to hear a group of people flinging themselves against the wall that a week ago were worshiping at his feet and generating the very situation to breed more Id console titles.

shikamaroooo2544d ago

@morganfell so true. People act like it's a Sin to make money to spoil your families.........

kaveti66162544d ago

I was one of the people defending Carmack and praising him right up until the release of RAGE.

I was certain, given his past, that he would be an uncompromising PC developer.

I am upset that he went down this road. I get that consoles are very easy to develop for because of the SDK kits and the debugging tools and because the platform hardware is homogeneous.

But, I believed that Carmack's love of technological progress and computing power would compel him to focus on PC.

There's so much more he could have done if he hadn't limited himself.

Azmacna2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

what an interesting turn around of events. you know, i recall many a conversation (and i use that term loosely) on this here site, concerning a certain Sony product V the 360 and the PC. it went on for quite some time with those brave enough to question Carmack's opinion and always lead to fans of said Sony product being lambasted and with Carmack being held aloft as the ultimate proof that the PS3 wasn't all it was cracked up to be... 'he should know!', 'he's a genius', 'this industry owes him a debt of gratitude' and so forth.

remember, he knows what he's talking about fellas, he's a genius and we all owe him a debt of gratitude.

remember those words people and remember what you used to post way back when Carmack said what you wanted to hear

oh the joyous petulance of the PC owner.

Lazy_Sunday2544d ago

He's not saying anything new, so why do you care? PCs are always cared for after consoles, and are rarely ever the lead platform for games. RAGE was designed for console tech in mind, remember.

Heartnet2543d ago

He might have been made through the PC but times change.

There a developer who have to stay alive through good sales so they can further fund more titles.

And like it or not Consoles are the future of gaming and are currently the best option to gain funds

Impaler2543d ago


Well said, I could not have put it better and will continue to support id studios until I die or they make a game that completely flops(I'll likely die first ;P)

Saladfax2543d ago

"oh the joyous petulance of the PC owner."

Switch it to, "Oh the joyous petulance of the petulant individual," and I'll agree. Irritating, blind fanboyism exists in all quarters.

And it's not like the PC version of Rage is some kind of unholy blight. A few issues with ATI cards and suddenly the game causes cancer?

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gamingdroid2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

"You can choose to design a game around the specs of a high-end PC and make console versions that fail to hit the design point, or design around the specs of the consoles and have a high-end PC provide incremental quality improvements," Carmack replied. "We chose the latter."

Why Was The PC Launch of Rage Such A "[email protected]#$"?

The fact that id had already decided that they wanted Rage to run at 60 frames per second already removed one of the major things PC gamers look for in a title, he continued. That only left resolution, anti-aliasing, and texture streaming as things that a computer gamer might want to see look better than on a console.

You can't blame the guy for the market direction... if you own a console and wanted it otherwise, you are partly to blame.

kevnb2544d ago

it still has better textures on pc, better texture loading as well with the correct drivers. Of course aa and vsync are welcome features as well. It would be nice if it was a bit more pc centric, but im fine with the game the way it is. Higher res does make a big difference too, just look at all these "hd remakes".

aGameDeveloper2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Is that Kevin Butler claiming PC is better than consoles?! ;)

Impaler2543d ago

You know that Doom III was locked at 60 fps too right? You had to use the console to remove the cap, if you absolutely wanted to, but out of the box it was still locked at 60 fps.

Nice try.

ATi_Elite2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

"We do not see the PC as the leading platform for games,” said John Carmack, as he explained the company’s reasons for focusing Rage’s development on consoles."

Although PC Gaming makes up over half of the total Gaming revenue! What ever Dooche Bag!!

Carmack has been contradicting himself and turning into a real arse kisser as of late. The amount of bugs and errors in the Rage PC version is horrible and especially from Carmack who got his start on the PC.

You think carmack would release a really polished PC version but no it was a pure Bug fest. Now he is saying stupid things like this and just being Butt Hurt cause he was TOTALLY WRONG about Ray Tracing and Intel has been laughing at Carmack ever since!

I feel Carmack is burnt out and a has been who is sipping too much of his own kool-aid. He's lost his touch and Doom 4 better blow our minds or Carmack is Game-Over!

Rage PC Comes with a free can of Raid and a Fly Swatter!!

x8002544d ago

First he says pc should have been lead platform now it says this? he makes no sence! i wont be getting anymore games that this guy makes.

the end.

BlackTar1872544d ago

why? because he said this? what a lame excuse/reason

x8002544d ago

No not because he said this but cos any other game hes ganna make is ganna be a shitty port just like rage is.

it should be pc first then consoles to push tech not the other way round.

BlackTar1872544d ago

fair enough thanks for the reply

Orpheus2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

What a crap ... after soooo many years developing with PC as the lead platform they are now saying these bull***s .... I hope Rage sells less than Doom3/Quake3 ... that should teach Id a lesson.

Doom3 was a PC centric title and sold more than 3.5 million copies 2.2 million on PCs


Now lets see how many copies this consolised F**K sells.

barb_wire2544d ago

Oh pretty sure 'RAGE' will sell way more than 2.2mil copies on the 360/PS3..

Why get mad over it though, PC gamers still got the game. Consoles (for now) is where the market is at. Really can't blame Id for going for that market and to potentially make hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.

ZombieAssassin2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Wow so much hate, years and years of great games and you all turn on him over this...the man who basically created the biggest genre in gaming. What's even funnier is everyone is acting like he makes all the decisions on everything, stop being baby's...besides te PC modding community will have texture mods in no time.

Orpheus2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Yeah that makes him the worst of betrayers ...

If Ubisoft comes and says, Far Cry 3 will not lead on PCs we wont even give a F**k .... but we in no way expectd this from ID .... at least graphics and the fast pace shooting the typical properties of PC fps was the main reason of their game sales ... the only reason their sales slowed down is not piracy , they did not add elements like puzzles to their games ....

ZombieAssassin2544d ago

Why because of graphics??? What ever happened to just wanting a fun game. It's not like the game looks like crap either and I believe they're patching in more graphic options for the game too.

radphil2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )


I know the person who submitted this took it out of context, but look at it like this:

Imagine lead person for company A, starts up on Platform A. Throughout the many years they focused with Platform A, 2 more platforms B and C showed up, but they pull out excellent products on Platform A, along side of a few on B and C.
Now after many years of having a good understanding on platform A, the lead person is praising it up and down for many years.

Now out of the blue he diminishes Platform A after a major project.

You don't see any slight distrust into what was said? If it's not hate, it's definitely a question of logic.

ZombieAssassin2544d ago

I can see why PC gamers are upset but times have changed in the 20 years the man has been working in the industry, consoles is where the money is at for a majority of games and it makes sense to work on the lowest platform first so you can just build upon it for more advanced hardware.

I just think everyone is being little children about it saying "i'll never buy a Camrack game again", although I'm sure they'll still pirate it.

I guess to your analogy, things change and the way people do things change...i mean what if we kept with 16 bit operating systems just because people were use to them. It's painfully obvious gamers are terrible at accepting any type of change...especially ones who pay $300 for a GPU...

radphil2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

See this is the thing.

It's not so much as leading towards the masses, it's that from the context taken in the quote, it's making as if the latest tech doesn't match up to 5+ yr old tech, especially with the way how people act on this site.

They'll be the first, ready to shoot down "praises" of the PC, but the instant someone opens their mouth and talks down about it, you see people agreeing in droves for no reason, logic or not. I mean look at the comment down below that says "PC Fanboys u mad"...

And yet, you know for a fact those same people that knock down the praises are hypocrites, as when you see articles about X game on X platform vs Y game on Y platform, you bet they'll be the first one to wave around that praise if "their" platform beats the other.

The other thing, is that this guy is all about tech, and to suddenly say something like this, means that something happened behind the lines that isn't being explained.

I agree that people are childish about saying they'll never buy another carmack game again, but that doesn't excuse the other people thinking this is some sort of school yard brawl that they can just mob in on and get away with it.

thebudgetgamer2544d ago

Don't you know, video games aren't about fun anymore. It's all about pixel counting and waving you e-pennis around.

kevnb2544d ago

im guessing this is taken out of context. I think he will learn where his audience is though, its not about what platform is more successful its about who is interested in your product.

Ducky2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

He isn't saying anything wrong.

"Nowadays most of the quality of a game comes from the development effort put into it, not the technology it runs on."

So he doesn't think that a high-end PC should be the focal point of the game's design. Rather, it should focus on a lower level (such as consoles) so that a bigger portion of gamers can enjoy the game.

... although that doesn't explain why RAGE has been such a mess on PCs.

EDIT: The simple stuff like FOV settings and advanced controls/visual options aren't there. I haven't been able to find a proper way of quitting the game either.
There's some design decisions that show that not much thought went into the PC version.
Oh well, at least they didn't encrypt the config files.

kevnb2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

i think its fine on pc, amds drivers were messed. But im pretty sure I read the interview the quote came from, and Im pretty sure the author added a sentence or two. all these articles talking down the pc as a gaming platform... its just one after the other never focusing on the advantages.