[DICE] Top 10 Battlefield 3 Open Beta issues and how we are addressing them

We’re more than half way through the open beta and thrilled to see so many people still enjoying the game while continuing to give us great feedback. As part of our dedication to showing you how your feedback is directly affecting and improving Battlefield 3, here are the latest Top-Ten Community Issues that we’re addressing.

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Codeman4202540d ago

think they forgot the most important one. like the ability to actually finish a game without ppls computer freezing and them having to do a hard reset on it.

outwar60102540d ago

I've never had that happened to me maybe you guys need to update your drivers but i do get network timeouts :s

Codeman4202540d ago

yea updated just fine the first week it was available and just updated to the newest beta drivers today. still cant get games to last more than 5 minutes. This beat has pretty much destroyed BF for me think ill wait to get the retail version until after the first couple weeks so i can see if they have in fact fixed all their errors

outwar60102539d ago

i didnt use the beta driver. You are only supposed to use those if you encountered problems before. I used the latest stable one, im using a 6850 so i downloaded 11.9. try reinstalling the last stable one

SKUD2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Not sure why you got disagrees on that. I'm having the same issue also. There were TONS of threads on the battlelog forums about it. Still no official word (last time I checked) from EA / DICE / AMD / Nvidia. Beta drivers made things worse.

I hope they will adress this major issue before the official release. Seems like there ignoring it.

kcuthbertson2539d ago

That sounds like a problem on your end Codeman..I've never had that happen either?

Codeman4202539d ago

go look at the forums as its not only me having this issue.

Fil1012540d ago

yep that get's on my tits but I know the retail version is going to be miles better than the beta ( I hope lol )

DanSolo2540d ago

I'm glad they are sorting out the squad issues.... that was getting really annoying at how truly crap the squad system was....

I hope they add that Caspian Border map to the beta, Metro is ok for a change of pace, but it did feel a bit too COD-like... that is ok as long as it is just a change of pace and not indicative of the game which I'm sure it is not.

I am interested to see about the install option for better textures as well.

Ser2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I wonder how all of the people that were saying "lol, it's not a beta, it's a demo!" feel right about now.

Keep up the good work, DICE. I'm looking forward to launch day.

Kahvipannu2539d ago

Agreed, but commonly people who thinks that way really don't know what beta's really are for.

See you all in battlefield.

Ocean2540d ago

Right that should keep some of the naysayers happy....see you all on the battlefield

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