Battlefield 3 beta sets expectations for release date

Product-Reviews writes: One thing DICE has made very clear in the last week or so, is Battlefield 3 beta runs on old code and the retail game already has many more improvements than what is found in the beta, although there is still a lot of confusion amongst gamers. Some Xbox 360 and PS3 owners are not enjoying what they’ve seen, and this ranges from graphics to glitches. DICE will want the players to buy the game, but the problem is they have set the expectations for BF3 now, although has that bar been set very low or high?

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danswayuk2538d ago

If the new graphics improvement goes ahead for Xbox 360 and PS3, BF3 could turn out to be a real success for DICE.

ricky3602538d ago

Bf3 is on my buy list, on the 360 of course.

danswayuk2538d ago

For me it will be PS3, although I want to see it in action again first to see if it improved on what I saw at EuroGamer, which was not so good for PS3.

Tarantino_Life2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

BF3 is on my buy list, on the ps3 of course.

SH0CKW4VE2537d ago

despite what you think nobody gives a damn which platform you will play it for but my vote is PC and if i didnt have a PC it would be Xbox because their social advantage is necessary for games like BF.

tr00p3r2538d ago

Their biggest mistake was prioritizing the PC version, publicly.

danswayuk2538d ago

You're right, the PC version is so much better and makes the console versions look not so good. Maybe BF3 is much better than it's given credit for, and putting the PC version in the spot light made things worse.

Wizziokid2538d ago

that isn't a mistake, BF has that PC focus because that's what it was built from.

the Bad Company where the main console focused titles and I'm sure there was Modern Combat on 360.

I'm happy they are going back to the roots with the game, I won't be getting it on PC because I can't run it but it still doesn't upset me when the console version looks different.

all you need to do is forget about the PC version, the consoles would never look and play the same as that this gen, that's just the way it is, be happy with what you've got, the game still looks amazing on console.

day one pre-ordered for PS3

bobtheimpaler2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

That wasn't a mistake at all. I love my PS3 and I prefer console gaming over PC.

But this game needs PC to be lead platform. Not only is it where the franchise began, but PCs are so much more capable than consoles and the gap between PC and consoles will only widen over the next 12 months when Skyrim comes out and the new CPU architectures and 28nm process GPUs come out. These new chipsets will be more efficient and powerful performance wise.

The reality is that decent PC hardware is very affordable and that the current generation of consoles, whether Sony and MS don't want to admit it, are nearing the end of the product cycle. (But when you think about it...the Wii U is coming out at a seriously bad time if it will only be marginally more powerful than a PS3/360.)

None of this should be a concern, though. This is an excellent game that should be played by many. Despite the whining, the game looks very good on PS3...and besides it's gameplay is excellent and is devoid of the childish/ hand-holding wankery currently plaguing so many shooters that it makes them all the same.

Fil1012538d ago

I love it and cannot wait for the release date, it's the only thing i've been playing lol. i've got a buddy on my friends list who I uaually hook up with and play games alot but i've not had 1 game of bf3 with him yet. he's gone bk to blops which i hate and he knows it, when I asked him why he didn't play bf3 he came out with the same crap i've been reading on here about how the graphix are not that good. Now my point is people are to dam spoilt when it comes to games these days. bf3 rocks ps3 for me midnight release

hiredhelp2538d ago

Gets a bubble for having Dizzy as his picture nice one dude.

Fil1012538d ago

cheers buddy gotta know your routes when it comes to video games.

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