Top 10 FPS (First Person Shooter) Games Of 2011 (So Far)

2011 has been what I believe to be the year of FPS games, the year is not even over yet and we have such brilliant games to play. Do note this list only includes the game which have been released at the time of posting. This post will be updated at the end of this year.

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_DarkCharizard_2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

I know there's a lot of hate for the franchise, but atleast one game deserved to be on that list!

And for those of u saying Portal 2 is not a shooter "technically"....... . well yes, it is. You "technically" have to shoot portals.

iamnsuperman2478d ago

"No call of duty= fail." COD hasn't been released. This is so far

_DarkCharizard_2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Ohh i'm terribly sorry guys, I read "Top 10 fps games of this generation"! o_O

Apologies again.

ATi_Elite2478d ago

I guess it was console only or the editor doesn't have a clue about PC Games cause Red Orchestra 2 kills everything on that list!

1. Red Orchestra 2
2. Nuclear Dawn
3. Hard Reset
4. Portal 2
5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
6. Killzone 3
7. Crysis 2
8. Resistance 3
9. Rage

fr00ty-wizenhymer2478d ago

Bad list. Writer is obvious consolefag. Plenty of games that came out on PC went unnoticed on that list.

And Brink is an updated Team Fortress 2!? lol okay sure.

TheOtherTheoG2477d ago

Hard Reset over Portal 2, on a straight comparison of quality? Right... And for that matter, Red Orchestra 2 (ie, the game which ran so badly at launch they had to make a patch to remove detail from the game to get it to run properly) and Nuclear Dawn?

And the crazy coincidence - all three of the above are PC exclusives! I mean, what are the chances?

TopDudeMan2478d ago

Technically portal isn't really a shooter but it is definitely the best game out of all of those.

Laxman2162478d ago

When I play Portal, I use the portal gun to shoot portals onto walls to solves the puzzles.

TopDudeMan2478d ago

And that makes it a shooter? It's a first person physics-based puzzle game. I mean it's a PORTAL gun that shoots PORTALS. Not bullets, PORTALS. In first person shooters there are battles. In portal there are only obstacles between you and the end of the test chamber.

And the sarcasm isn't necessary, unless you want to sound like an ass. No offence.

Laxman2162478d ago

I never said anything about making it an FPS :/ ...

But now that you mention it, the words 'First Person Shooter" mention nothing about bullets dude.

Portal is a game, played in the first person perspective. Therefore, it is a First Person game.

The main objective of the game is to solve puzzles with a gun, which has the ability to shoot portals.... Shoot portals.... Shoot.

Using the logic of definitions and genres, Portal and Portal 2 are First Person Shooting games. Albiet, ones without bullets.

GrayFox0072478d ago

Well by your logic Oblivion is a FPS because you shoot arrows.

fr00ty-wizenhymer2478d ago

I agree with Laxman, I would call it a FPS Puzzle game. As for Oblivion I would more call it a FPRPG...with some shooting.

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Craftiii42477d ago

FPS just means seeing though the eyes of the player while holding gun

TopDudeMan2477d ago

Really? Wikipedia being used as a viable source? You know ANYONE can write on wikipedia, can't you? People who play FPS games know what to expect from an FPS and that is why portal is different.

Rhythmattic2478d ago

Maybe its a valve thing, but I dont "get" the love for portal... Its good, but #1 ??

BTW, I own all Portal's.. Played it on PC and PS3,,,

Each to their own.

TopDudeMan2478d ago

I think they caught on because of their humour and originality. Probably the most original game I've played in ages.

MrChow6662478d ago

to me portal not only is the best on this list but one of the best this year, it has a great sp campaign and one of the best coop experiences I've ever played with friends, great characters, good looking it

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2478d ago

Portal 2 is not an fps it's a puzzle game. Resistance and kill zone top it for me and rage is great as well. Didn't play deus ex but it looked more rpg to me.

Shadowaste2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

resistance 3 and killzone 3 were both huge letdowns for me, I thought kilzone 2 was a far, far better game, and resistance has been losing steam since the first.

imo....and i own all these games btw ,
Brink was crap
Section 8 p was junk
Bulletstorm was kinda mehhh....
Fear 3 was better than 2 but just barely....
Rage is ok...a solid 7.5

Deus Ex is amazing!
Crysis 2 was sheer awesome!

portal was neat as I got for free on steam from some promo, but is is not really anywhere near Deus ex league.

Objective2478d ago

You're right, without a Halo in the mix, the FPS landscape seems somewhat barren!

Laxman2162478d ago

Hahaha, watch your mouth, there be PS3 fans in the mix on N4G this time of the night.

But you are right, Halo is one of the only original FPS games of this generation. Bulletstorm was kick ass and original, too, but people have come too accustomed to the standard 'military' experience to give it a chance.

trouble_bubble2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Er, no. Crysis 2 had horrible MP, buggy SP, and was sheer meh. Prophet blowing his brains out to start the game sums it up. Superhuman while invisible is a joke. To be disappointed in R3 & KZ3 yet praise that steaming pile is lulz. Even Crysis 1 the PSN/XBLA download is better than Crysis 2. Still buggy, but better.

And Portal is a puzzle game, not an FPS. Why's it on the list?

Brink was one of the bigger let downs a la Duke Nukem. A 68 meta' shouldn't be on a best-of list. Dead Space Extraction HD was better & actually supports a gun peripheral.

pfft. Go tell all the people on & how awesome Crysis 2 is with the glitched Dedication & Tooled Up achievements.

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